Friday, July 9, 2010

Buddy's Winner

Morning all my lovely bloggy buddies.....yes it's your bundle of golden deliciousness and I'm back to announce the winner of my little give-away.....thank you all so much for leaving me wonderful bloggy love and believe me I need it because once again I am in the bad books....but will tell you all about that in a mo.....let's cut to the chase with the big announcement and the winner is........

Woo....hooo Denise if you e-mail my Mum she will get your goodies off in the post tomorrow....hope you have lots of crafty fun and say a big hello to Meg from me.
Now how's this for a blinking cheek......
this cheeky young blackie has taken a fancy to the yummy filling in my chew bone......he shoves his head right inside and gobbles all the deliciousness and when my Mum took this pic......I was fast asleep just inches away so beware little fella you are living rather dangerously.
OK Mrs Blabbermouth has told you all about my little accident with Hamish........we were having some fun in the garden and how was I to know that he was a bit of a lightweight.  I grabbed him in my teeth and he fell apart at the seams....obviously cheap rubbish and made in I am taking absolutely no responsibility and am definitely pleading NOT GUILTY.   Now this new kid on the block....Roger...believe me I am keeping well away from him...just hope he isn't accident prone because no doubt I will get the blame and you could have me arrive on your doorstep looking for board and lodgings.
Am off for my morning stroll and then a power snooze is the order of the day but I will be keeping one eye open for that cheeky blackie.
Big Hugs & Snuggles


Anesha said...

Hi Buddy, congratulations to Denise! What a naughty bird,but great photo by your Mum. I believe you about Hamish, just have to convince your Mum. lol
You can have board and lodgings here any time you just have to get along with Skipper (the cat):). Have a great walk and enjoy your snooze. Hugs Anesha

Suzanne said...

What a generous boy you are, Buddy. Sahring your bone with that wee bird, lol. Congrats Denise. Buddy, if you get stuck for lodgings then I'll help you out, lol
Suzanne x

Denise said...

Good Morning Buddy
Well what can I say, thankyou so very very much for picking me to recieve your give away prize. You are one hell of a Golden Deliciously Scrummy Yummy Lovable (but cheeky) Gorgeous Furry Delightful and Loyal Friend. Meg will love you for always for making my day. I've emailed your Mum and if you keep your paws crossed there could be a little surprise whirling it's way upto Scotland for you from Meg. Hope you have a lovely day. Hope the little Black Bird keeps away and hope you are soon in the good books again with your Mum. I'll post a creation on my blog with my new goodies when I get them.
Hugs and tickles behind the ears - Denise & Meg

Sarah A said...

Well done Denise on winning Buddy's amazing prize!

Oh Buddy poor you having a little feathery theif to deal with, better eat that treat up real quick before the cheeky thing comes back for more!

Yes, I think you are right about staying away from Roger the Dodger, think you have had enough upset with Wimbledon related situations and you definitely don't want to be in the dog house for chewing on Roger!

Sarah x

HazelQ said...

Congratulations to the winner!! You're soo kind Buddy for letting us play and be a good boy and don't chew Roger, I don't think Mum will be happy :P

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Denise, need to get a scarecrow to protect your stash Buddy!

Kat said...

Hi Buddy what a cheeky bird pinching the inside of your bone. Pity about Hamish but hey accidents happen. So if you ever need lodgings just nip on the Peterhead bus and I'll pick you up at the end of our road lol!

Kat xx


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