Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer......who would have thought.....

Morning's looks like Summer is back and thank goodie goodness for that.....I know we need rain to fill up the water the crops but do we really need days and days of teeming rain at a time  and being marooned in the cubbyhole wasn't a bad thing....but if you're a dog walker then the word NIGHTMARE springs to mind...all wet...muddy and a sight for sore eyes right enough....perhaps he needs a raincoat and a pair of wellies.

straight into the utility room where a vigorous shake is in the walls....radiator..washing machine and dishwasher have been decorated with a lovely muddy speckled pattern and I didn't fare much top half is OK thanks to my Goretex jacket which repels water but I have gone through umpteen pairs of jeans and knickers in the last week....3 walks a day = 3 changes of clothes = tumble drier never off.  We have no control over the weather and no amount of huffing puffing and gnashing of teeth makes a jot of difference but the look on my snuggly boy's face says it all.....he is just as fed up of getting wet as the rest of us and doesn't look exactly chuffed being snapped with his doggy towel all ready for a body rub.

time for a little sneaky peek...

and the winners of the Ribbon Give-Away from Fantastic Ribbons are....

Congratulations everyone.....if you e-mail me with your addresses I will pop your ribbons in the post.
Well it looks like I will be wearing the same duds all day and His Nibs will spend the day lazing in the garden....fingers crossed.  See you all tomorrow for another fabby challenge over at Penny Black Saturday
Hugs Kath xxx


Ann Rosie said...

Oh Kath - don't those eyes just say it all. You could never get cross with him for making a mess shaking when he looks at you like that - now only if Men would learn a thing or two!!

Give Buddy some big hugs from me - he's just adorable!


Denise said...

Morning Kath & Soggy Doggy Budster
Congratulations to the Ribbons winners, have fun. Poor Buddy what can I say except Meg sends you a big hug and belly rub (if your mum will do it for her). It brings back memories of my last dog Bonnie who was a cross between a Rough Collie & a Spaniel. Wet weather was the same, tumble dryer full of doggy towels every day and piles of ironing from our clothes changes. Thing is though Buddy, your Mum loves you so much she will take you out in all weathers. Sadly some poor dogs never go out even in fair weather. Bet you still had fun though Buds.
See ya both tomorrow - hugs and ticles behind the ears - Denise & Meg

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath, I know where you are coming from, I have 3 doggies with short legs, they pick up every bit of grit and dirt, then save it until they get home to shake it off! Buddy looks so loveable peeking out from under the towel!
Thank you so much for picking me as one of your ribbon winners. I am a very very happy crafter x

Anesha said...

Oh Buddy you looks so fed up! Hope the rain stops soon and you and your mummy can have lots of fun on your walks. Huge hugs. Congrats to the winners.

Alison Wood said...

Oh dear, Buddy is not happy with all that rain! What a cutie in his towel though. Bring on the sunshine :-)

mckinkle said...

Well done ladies!

Oh poor Buddy, those snapshots are just adorable his poor little face, awww!

Keryn x

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Awww bless... what a cutie buddy is. He sure looks sorry for himself. I know exactly what it's like - I fell for a white dog that can find a dirty puddle even on the driest of days!!
Caroline xxx

Tatanky said...

Buddy you look so adorable !! Have a nice weekend and I hope the weather will improve soon. Here in Mexico it has been forecasted that it will be raining all weekend long :(

Barb said...

Such a cute post today, Kath! Buddy is so sweet! Don't know how you ever get mad at him with that face and those eyes lookin' at you like that! He is one cute dog! Love the sneak peek too!

ginny c said...

i bet he knew he was going to be posted on blog so he thought i go for my poor hound dog expression, those eyes say every thing hope the weather is better today for your both.

love ginny

Lorraine said...

oh Kath Buddy looks so adorable he is so cute i would like to say hes the cutest dog ever but i think that of my own but i think he is a very close second he so cute i want to give him a big squeeze xx

Lora said...

Awww how cute does Buddy look, those eyes just say "fell sorry for me " lol.
Thanks so much for picking me as one of your ribbon winners :)
I'm off to email you just now.
Hugs Lora xx

Dawn said...

Hiya Kath
Och he he just the cuddliest Buddy ever, look at that wee face and those big choccie eyes!!

The weather has been better these last 2 days but it's a bit coller, that bloomin' rain was a nightmare!


Christine B. said...

Hi Kath, Buddy does look fed up , but he's so adorable. Hope the weather as been a bit better for you. It as here in Lancashire today. x ChrisB

Kat said...

Hi Kath, I think that looks like a sneaky peek of a Christmas card. I'm sure I recognise your favourite snowflake!

Poor Buddy, he doesn't look very chuffed to be wrapped up in his towel. I've seen my daughter's dog with a look like that on her face lol!

Had a lovely trip to see Jacqui yesterday and my friend and I managed to take her some cards for her SCF appeal.

Kat xx

Sarah A said...

Oh Kath Buddy in his towel looks "well cute" according to my 15 year old son!

I know the feeling with wet jeans and knickers - due to the rain of course and not incontinence!

Great sneak peek again, and I am looking forward to the full reveal!

Sarah x

Carla Murphy said...

Hi there - a friend sent your blog link to me today and I've been admiring your cards and getting such a laugh out of your posts. Yours cards are lovely!!

Debs said...

Aww bless, had to chuckle when I saw this. Poor Buddy, hopefully the weather will pick up soon, as I type the sun is just reflecting off my car window and catching the corner of my eye. Debs xx

HazelQ said...

Aww poor Buddy, he makes the same face as my lil dog Ruby when I'm done washing her :)
Hope the weather behaves well this week ;)


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