Thursday, July 7, 2011

Am I past it....

Morning folks....yesterday was a bit of a disaster in the never ending quest to make a dent in the crafty list....after my lovely day of gallavanting with sweet crafty buddies I had every intention of getting stuck into the configuration box but the old body...Misters Mojo and Clumsy had other could driving around the countryside just having fun take such a toll....the car did all the work for goodness sake...I just had to sit there and steer.  Why did I feel as though I'd ran the whole route hanging onto the back of the car.  Is the crafty girl getting past it...too old for all this gallavanting lark.
But there is no place for lame ducks in the I pulled the big girl knickers on...gave myself a good talking to and persuaded Mr Mojo to come and play....only to then go and spill my cuppa all over the Box which had already been decorated with papers and tissue tape.  As disasters go...on a scale of 10...this one was way up about 25...mega Sacre Bleu as they say in France. Nothing else for it but to take a trip over to The Papeterie this morning for a replacement.. crikey my third visit in a week...they'll be expecting me to take my turn at the cleaning shortly.  I did manage to do something right...a little bit of die cutting which is hardly rocket science because Mr Vagabond did all the work...I just had to hold down the button...
and hopefully I have booked my bum on the right flight for my crafty trip away...
yes I will be heading to Birmingham and The NEC..3rd-6th November for 4 days of Fiskars workshops.  I know what you're thinking....if a fun day out with friends leaves me resembling a physical I a word PROBABLY.  When I said YES...I'd obviously forgotten the mega kitting for 28 workshops...the trauma of the excess baggage worry...the aching feet...the dodgy throat and the general wear and tear on the old body but hey ho you only live once and I wouldn't miss it for the world....lots of fun and laughter with lovely crafty folks...the chance to meet up with my bestest bloggy buddies again and of course chilling out with the Fiskars Hooligans...Hina and Rachel. As of today I will be on the high energy drinks...popping the Beroccas and don't forget I will be packing those magic Big Girl Knickers.  The Furry Body has put his tuppence worth into the equation...suggesting that we move the cubbyhole fitness routine up a gear...a morning JOG instead of a that is taking things a tad too far considering at this moment in time I'm hard pushed to get one foot past the other.
Catch up with you all tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. might see you at The Papeterie this morning then, dropping Graham off at 9.45, taking kids for breakfast at McD's then heading to the shop to pick up goodies for my demo

  2. Nah!! Your not past it .. .. just cramming a lot in!! LOL!!

    Hope to see you again at the NEC (pennies allowing a visit).

    Love Jules xx

  3. Morning Kath You are so funny with your big girl knickers. Hope your day goes better today. Have fun. Hugs x ChrisB

  4. Sorry about your little spillage. A nice jog with Buddy will clear the head and put a smile back on your face. Have a great day and hugs to your both. :)

  5. Never!!! Too many ideas and techniques to share with us. Have a few early nights and maybe a massage and to give the body a holiday :) Hope things go better today x

  6. Morning Both.Hope you enjoyed your JOG.Are you going to SECC in October Kath?
    Have a good day and be careful with the coffee cup.
    Kathleen x

  7. Crikey Kath that was a mega disaster right enough. I'm always worried I'll spill something on my work table or worse my laptop. And living with 2 big clumsy Labs can be a bit scary too. Sometimes when I'm walking them I'm scared in case I break something vital - like a wrist lol!

    Hope you have a better day today.

    Kat xx

  8. some people will do anything for an excuse to go the Papeterie!! Have a better day than yesterday x

  9. OMG - I'm worn out just READING about your activities. Off for a little lie down now . . . and I'm only 45!!!! LOL!

    Hugs, Sandra

  10. Oh Kath - one minute screams the next smiles...... but you always have something to tell us and keep us amused. Wishing you a better day today - take care.

  11. Definitely not past it - just doing an awful lot. Just get the jogging bottoms on & think of the treat that awaits you shopping for more stash whilst collecting a replacement................ have fun.
    Paula (PEP)

  12. So sorry to hear about the coffee spill, Kath. I know it is every crafters nightmare. Sounds like you have been burning the candle at both ends. Maybe time to curl up with the furry boy for a little nap! One a day, and I know the Budster would love it too.
    Linda S. in NE


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