Sunday, July 3, 2011

School's Out

A very good morning to all my lovely blogging buddies....yes it's your snuggly bundle of golden deliciousness...first of all can I just say a huge thank you for all your birthday messages....woohoo you don't half know how to make a boy feel special.
And now that I have turned lovely buddy Mary from The Ribbon Girl is wondering if I'm starting school after the holidays.. now there's a thought...that would liven up the school day...all those Health & Safety boffins would be having major panic attacks...Environmental Health would go into meltdown and boy oh boy would the teacher have her job cut out getting me to sit still and pay attention but think of the fun I could have with all those lovely kiddywinks...helping them snap up their school dinners and running away with all the medals at Sports Day.  Do you really think I need an education...your blogging computer whizz kid learned all he needs to know in a 10 week Puppy Kindergarten class with my doggy a nutshell...put on that hang dog look...flash those big brown eyes and the world's your oyster.  And M&S don't do school uniforms in doggy it look like SCHOOL'S OUT.
Woof Woof...look what arrived in the cubbyhole....a parcel of treats from my SPECIAL buddy Anesha..that's me sorted in the treat department for the rest of the week.....thank you sure know the way to a boy's heart.
Nothing much happening in the cubbyhole today...the Crafty Girl's been telling you all how busy she's been...oh yes busy watching TENNIS...2 weeks of lounging on the sofa eyes glued to the telly...just can't see the fascination to be honest...the noise of that ball click clacking backwards and forwards is like Chinese Torture and she frightens the life out of me leaping in the air and screaming YES...every 5 minutes.  But today apparently is the big one...crikey do I need to look out the ear defenders and if last year is anything to go by goodness knows what time I'll get fed tonight.  But you don't have to go to school to learn if my Old Mum's happy...all is well and life is sweet so I'm chilling and going with the flow...tomorrow will be a tennis free day.
Big Snuggly Hugs


  1. Morning Buddy . . . enjoy your stroll today.

    Hugs, Sandra

  2. I know hwat you mean about the Tennis Buddy, it's the same in our house. It's really bad some days cos if Nadal plays my Mum keeps us waiting for our tea cos she won't miss a thing. Let me loose at Wimbledon and I'll go collect all the balls up. They'd soon get fed up and all go home early.
    Have a good day Buddy - Woofs and sniffs - Meg & Denise

  3. Morning Both another lovely day.Kath my candi arrived thankyou very much.Buddy you will just have to find a quiet place while the tennis is on.
    Have a good day.
    Kathleen x

  4. Love this picture of you, Buddy - you are a very handsome gentleman! I think a long nap is in order today while Mum watches tennis.......then you'll be all rested up for your stroll tomorrow!

  5. Hi Buddy, glad you had a good birthday and were spoiled. Hope you manage to get another walk today if Mum is busy watching the tennis. Maybe Dad could take you instead? Blue and Max are really enjoying this lovely weather and wandering out and in.

    Kat, Blue and Max xx

  6. Good morning Buddy, you would certainly liven up the school day, Enjoy your very thoughtful birthday gift. x

  7. Hi Buddy glad you had a lovely birthday.Thanks for my candy Kath, it arrived yesterday. Hope you've had a good days tennis. Hugs x ChrisB

  8. Hope you didn't get tennis neck Buddy !!!!
    Now the tennis is finished you can settle back to life in the Cubbyhole ----- although I think it will be quite hectic in there for a while , so brace yourself for mrs billy whizzzz in action !!!
    Anne xxx

  9. Hope you've survived the tennis & that's a very handsome photo of you.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. Hi Buddy, glad it arrived safely. Hope you enjoy them. Have a wonderful week. Lots of hugs. Anesha :)


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