Monday, July 18, 2011

Hysteria in the Cubbyhole

Morning folks....before I share some cards with you...I have to come clean about my "Couldn't Make It Up If I Tried" experience recently...yes Mrs Super Duper Organised does have the occasional scatterbrain moment put the kettle on...snuggle back your lugs and hang on to your galluses.  This little tale does come with a Government Health Warning...DO NOT be drinking hot liquids as you read this and if I hear any hysterical laughter....even a snigger or a will be off the Cubbyhole Christmas Card List tout suite.
Here we computer desk always has a pile of printed off stuff lying around on it waiting for the filing department to whisk it away...thank goodness they are prone to falling down on the job. My eyes were out on stalks when they zoomed in on my hotel booking for Harrogate...I'd just gone and booked 2 nights for the week BEFORE the GNPE....oh yes I kid you not.  No point in panicking or getting the old knickers in a twist...there are 2 options...Plan up Sue and Julie and ask if they can bring the show forward by a week...I THINK NOT...or Plan B...get online and sort out this mega senior moment.
And as sure as night follows day...what made me think this was going to be a piece of availability for those nights....yes 2 lucky weekend get-away-ers will be sleeping in MY bed.  So I cancelled that reservation and I had to give a reason....nothing else for it but to come clean and confess I'm a DAFT OLD BAT.
Then I spent the wee small hours trawling the net in search of a bed...NO AVAILABILITY FOR THOSE DATES was beginning to do my head in....crikey am I going to end up on a park bench or will it be the sleeping bag and pillow option on the Craftwork Cards stand.  I was mighty relieved at silly silly o'clock when I got one but by this time paranoia has set in...I'm checking the dates not once...not twice but 4 times before I push that BOOK NOW button and then I'm hit by a lightning bolt...what dates have I booked for the train journey and what about my flight to the be honest folks I was terrified to look but they are OK...does this mean that this was just a one-off blip...a momentary hiccup with the brain wiring or the start of me losing my marbles...let me tell you being a senior citizen can be mighty stressful. Now you know why I am only the Logistical Director of the Cubbyhole and not some huge global corporation and I know what you're thinking...AM I REALLY ALLOWED OUT ON MY OWN.
If you are still with'll be relieved to know that logistical skills are not required for this's time to share some more Ribbon Girl cards...
Gorgeous Seam Binding and Decorative Pearls

Yummy Open Weave

Catch up with you all tomorrow when I will be introducing you to a sweet little crafty lady....
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Glad you got the bookings sorted - bit of a panic by the sounds of things! Love your cards - beautiful colours all 3. Jx

  2. Hi Kath, What a discovery you must have got such a shock, glad you managed to sort it. Love your cards, very inspirational as always. Laura

  3. Wow Kath good thing you noticed the mistake with the dates before it was too late. The other week they tried to deliver my Tesco home shopping on a Tuesday when I was at work. I always get it on a Wednesday but guess who'd clicked on the wrong day!!!?

    Fabby cards Kath, love that colour. Can't resist ribbon either.

    Kat xx

  4. So happy that you managed to find a bed for the weekend...wouldn't have been nice on a park bench.. I love the colours on all the cards I may have to have a go at the christmas tree one... simple but stunning...
    Hugs Claire x

  5. Oh Kath, I'm glad you gave the hot drinks warning hun - I do a lot of Elderly Client Care work so could do you a Lasting Power of Attorney at a good rate! Glad you got it sorted out sweetie, would hate to think of you on a bench with your cocoa in a brown paper bag. Stunning cards, all of them - going back for another drool now. Hugs Sxx

  6. It's not about being a senior Kath - this sounds horribly familiar!! And I totally understand the feeling of the belly dive when you realise it might extend toflights and lord knows what. Very bad for the blood pressure! You need a nice soothing day of erm, card making!

  7. Kath, you do make me smile, I'm sorry I did snigger when I read your post, so no christmas card for me then. lol. The cards are all gorgeous as usual. Have a good day.

  8. No comments at all from me about the date mix-up - I didn't snigger one bit!!

    Both cards are fab as always - love the little roses thought.

    Love always

  9. hee hee - I once booked flights to Spain - to the WRONG airport!! What on earth made me check about a week before I was due to fly I will never know (divine intervention maybe?) The cards are gorgeous - loving aqua x

  10. That was a close one, glad you got it sorted. Love the cards. Have a calm day and hugs to Buddy. :)

  11. I sniggered not
    But breathed a sigh of relief
    Computer not awash with coffee........
    Box still safely configured
    - or awaiting configuring
    Buddy still OK??????
    Or dancing retrieving twirls with glitter??.
    Much love
    When you get to the grand old age of 51 - THAT's when you have to start worrying not at your tender age........
    Paula (PEP)

  12. Some gorgeous cards Kath love the colours Hugs Arlinex

  13. What are you like Kath, glad you got it sorted. I remember way back in Feb when someone thought it was a 9pm flight when it was a 9am one.
    wonder who that was?

    Fabby fabby cards Kath, beautiful colours, love that ribbon.

    Big Hugs Carol xxx

  14. I love your blog Kath - it makes my day. No, no sniggering from me.....well a little tiny smile - more of a turned up corner of the mouth. Can I be excused that? So pleased you got it sorted and that it didn't snowball into something bigger. Love the cards too!

  15. Kath, I don't think it has anything to do with age - either that or I'm 38 going on 75 lol
    cards are gorgeous, love the colour scheme

  16. Morning Kath, yes.... doing things om- line has it's hairy moments at times, been down that road a few times, now I blame the computer for not realising what I really want!! Love the cards, sooo pretty. Carolxx

  17. Hope your new hotel room is even better that the other one!!

    Stunning cards Kath, as always. I do love the top one, that colour combo is so versatile, I love it.

    Hope you have a smashing week,
    Keryn x

  18. Gorgeous cards hun and oh dear I did have to laugh about the Harrogate palavar lol xxx

  19. Glad you got it all sorted Kath but you know there's always a bed here for you if you need one. It would mean an early start each morning but perfectly do-able! Love the cards and you're really rubbing it in with Christmas one's I'm feeling even less organised now!

    Love Lynda xxx

  20. Flippin eck . . . good job you noticed now and not later Kath! All's well that ends well though.

    LOVE those gorgeous cards you've shown today.

    Hugs, Sandra

  21. I am so glad you got everything sorted. What a nightmare for you.

    Love the cards they are stunning x x

  22. I am so glad you got everything sorted. What a nightmare for you.

    Love the cards they are stunning x x

  23. Sorry,just got up off the floor as i was on it cus i fell off me chair laughing.Sorry Kath the picture i had in me ead of your eyes out on stalks heee heee.No,seriously i am so glad you will NOT be on a park bench.Oh yes,the cards are fab as always.Hugs n cuddles for the boy xxx

  24. I just got struck of your Cubbyhole Christmas card list!
    It must have been a almost heartstopping moment when you found out about the wrong dates. I'm glad you found a room.
    Beautiful card.

  25. Kath you are not the only one - I once booked a hotel for a month earlier than what I needed it - I had the right date but in February instead of March. The first I knew of my blooper was when the receptionist rang at 11pm wanting to know when we were likely to arrive. I was so embarrassed but they were really nice about it and I hid in the car when we arrived at the hotel a month later - I was too embarrassed to do the check-in so sent DH in instead LOL!!!

    Beautiful cards - I love the colours that you used.

    Karen x

  26. Now Kath , you could have taken a large box, a few papers and a host of Timmy products and configured yourself a hotel room for the duration of the GNPE.....
    Seriously though , so glad you noticed in time - what a nightmare if you hadn't !
    Your cards look fab !!!!! Mr M must be back in the building.
    Anne x

  27. Ah yes I so enjoy my senior moments, looong after all the panic has gone away. Does give us a good laugh now and then. Funny how it all seems to work out in the end though. Glad you were able to get yourself all cleared up.

  28. Well, I'm off the Christmas card list as well. Too Funny! Just like you described, my printer is always covered on the top and on the tray with "important" things I have printed. Within the last week, I have noticed my printer is doing a self-adjustment at times when it is not supposed to be. I wonder if it is telling me I'm about to have a "Senior Moment"!!, and that I should be looking through the pile. Glad you got everything straightened out. Also had a good laugh with the lady who suggested you might configure yourself a hotel room with your TH supplies. Funneeee! Linda S. in NE

  29. glad i took your advice and put my cappachino did make me laugh but so pleased that you have now sorted your bed out!!!

    fantastic inspirational cards as always

    Sylvia x

  30. Hi Kath, sorry I did raise a smile. So glad you spotted it now and not later. Glad your sorted out. Gorgeous cards , adore the tree one. Hugs x ChrisB

  31. No way are you losing it Kath, not with how creative your cards are, just too much going on in your head most probably. At least you got your room in the end. Love those christmas trees you have added to your card.

  32. Hi Kath

    Well I bet your glad you found out before rather than turning up on the day trying to get booked in and then having the embarrasment of looking at your booking and realising you've got the wrong date!!! I don't think its a senior moment I think we've all had these moments (hope that makes you feel better ha ha!)

    Glad you got booked in somewhere else and so all is well again in the Cubbyhole and look some more fabby cards you are sharing with us!

    Take care


  33. Could have been worse, you may have not noticed and just turned up at the hotel. So glad you have it sorted. Fab cards. Marianne x

  34. Ohh these are so cute dear Kath :o) I esp love the one with "bubbles". You makes me wanna start making my xmas cards.
    Hugs Laila

  35. Hi sweet Cath:)These are all truly `Beautiful`
    I always love your work!!!!
    Sorry Im a bit random lately but it`s always a pleasure to catch up my `friend`..TFI:)xxx

  36. Well it comes to us all and you won't be the first and you won't be the last. You could have stayed with me but I have to tell you Lady that I don't do silly o' clock, no problem getting you there for the Saturday class but the class would be over before I got you there for the Sunday one.

    Fabulous card, really love the colours.

    Kath x

  37. Oh Kath, you had me in stitches with this one. Don't worry, it could have been me talking......old age ain't for sissies!
    En xxx


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