Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to Monday

Morning folks...where did the weekend go...before you can blink an eye it's back to Monday again...the start of the another working week...the good news is I don't have to do the daily's just a hop skip and a jump from the kitchen to the cubbyhole and that's just as well because I'm in no fit state for any type of athletic activity on this dull and drizzly morning. Don't want to bore you with my aches and pains but I've been hit out of the blue by the mother of all cricks in my neck and it played havoc with the crafty list and the general aura of happiness in the cubbyhole yesterday...yes I was a real "pain in the neck grumpy sod" and just couldn't cut the mustard with the Fiskars goodies.  Nothing else for it but to have a play instead with this...
and woohoo I managed to make 2 of these Cha Cha bracelets whilst enjoying my Sunday night Strictly and Downton fix...

and I still have all this left...
could this be yet another addiction to add to the list
But it's a brand new day...the old neck problem is easing and with a day off this week for a visit to the SECC on Thursday I need to get a move on...onward and upward is the motto for today...the Fiskars projects are now TOP PRIORITY and before you ask I am sworn to secrecy but who knows I may just manage to sneak in the teeniest peek later in the week...that is if all goes according to plan.
Remember you only have until 9pm tonight to enter Buddy's Stitch In Time Kit Give-Away....we'll be back tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Oh, fantastic bracelet! Love all these beads)

  2. Beautiful bracelet, Kath! I can for sure see this becoming another addiction! :)

  3. is there no end to your talents? fab bracelet and glad to hear you're on the mend

  4. Bracelet looks lovely.. another hobby to add to you list.
    Claire x

  5. Morning Kath.Hope you feel better today.Your bracelt is beautiful.
    Have a good day and don't work too hard.
    Kathleen x

  6. Oh beading is so verrrry addictive. I have the T-shirt which tells me - heheh! Have fun x x

  7. great bracelet. Jewellery is taking over in my house now!
    hugs Sarah x

  8. Great bracelet Kath and sssooo many beads left for more playing! Hugs re the neck-it can really painful.

  9. Great bracelet Kath, does Buddy get a little something for his collar? Have a great day both of you. Hugs Anesha :)

  10. Woot woot . . . FAB-U-LOUS bracelet Kath.

    Hope your crick carries on improving.

    Good luck with your Fiskars workload.


  11. Love the bracelet Kath. Sorry to hear about the pain in the neck, not very handy but a bit of rest will maybe be as good a cure as any.

  12. Lovely bracelet Kath no end to your talents hope your neck gets better soon. Take care. Aud x

  13. wauw you are so creative!!!! i love it!!!
    xx petra

  14. Looks like you need a night out on the town now with such lush jewellery to wear! Gorgeous piece Kath. Hope the pain in the neck has moved on. Carolxx

  15. Ah bless you Kath.Hope your neck improves quickly. Amazing bracelet - well done you.Love Debbie x

  16. Those bracelets are fab - would love to do jewellery making but my fingers are so clumsy I don't think I could do anything as intricate as that.

    Hope your neck feels better soon!

  17. Hi Kath...your bracelet is very very nice! Hope you get that crink out of your neck soon !

  18. Oh lovely bracelets Kath, what a clever girl. Sorry to hear about your poor neck. It's horrible when that happens so I hope it's improving.

    Kat xx

  19. Oh Kath, that bracelet is gorgeous.

    I always said I would never get into beading, although I use them on my cross stitch projects and cards occasionally but I have to be honest, my bead collection has now spread to three boxes now and I’m making some of my Christmas presents, so be careful, it’s a long slippery slope you’re on, Lol!

    Hope you're necks feeling better today.
    Happy Crafting!

  20. Love your Cha Cha bracelet and glad to hear your neck is feeling a little better. Laura


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