Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Review Time....

Morning folks...I was recently asked by two companies to review their products on my blog....I don't do this very often and only for products that I would use and if you pop over here will know that I am a "tell it like it is" this is my honest opinion starting off with Interflora who sent me a Champagne and Chocolate Gift Set ...the package arrived in a beautiful gift box with a gift card and well protected too...which is very important when glass and liquid are involved.  I haven't popped the cork on the champers yet...waiting for a special occasion but I couldn't resist the yummy chocolates...they are long gone...this would be an ideal gift to send to celebrate a special birthday/anniversary/engagement etc.
I have used Interflora lots in the's a fast and easy way to have flowers or a gift delivered....the same day if like me you are prone to being a bit forgetful...the next day or you can specify a date of your delivered for every occasion and with such a huge selection to choose from you are bound to find something to suit.
Then I got an e-mail asking if I would like to try out the Scotch Advanced Tape Glider from 3M...I have seen this sitting on Julia's desk...if it's good enough for the CEO of WOYWW...I just had to give it a go...
I have to say that the relationship didn't get off to a great start.  I struggled big time to open it and even more to fit the adhesive roll but on reflection that could have been due to the techno gene which seems to be missing from my impatience and pig headedness about reading instructions...once I sat down..put my glasses on and followed the step by was easy and would probably get easier with practice.
I am probably stuck in a rut when it comes to using adhesive...when I am working with card I like to use PVA glue...just dotting it around the edge with my pokey tool... gives me a bit of breathing space to get everything lined up properly before it's stuck down and when working on's good old Double Sided I was a bit sceptical to say the least....can you teach an old dog new tricks or does a leopard change it's spots.  With the amount of crafting that goes on in the cubbyhole...I really put this adhesive machine through it's paces and surprise surprise I find myself eating humble pie...The Advanced Tape Glider comes with 2 rolls of acid free/photo safe's quick and easy to use...putting adhesive exactly where you want it whether it be a tiny amount or a continuous strip and the best bit there is no waste carrier tape littering the cubbyhole floor.  The down side for me was the size of the machine although it is lightweight...I found it quite cumbersome to hold but perhaps that's something that I would get used to....on the whole it gets a thumbs up from me and hey it's PINK...what more could a crafty girl want.
Catch up with you all tomorrow with more GJWTHF pics
Hugs Kath xxx 


  1. Kath

    how did you get on with opening the ATG . I have one and have great difficulty opening it to refill. Usually have to wait until hubby gets home!


  2. Morning Kath.Hope your weather is better than ours.Enjoy your Champers.
    Kathleen x

  3. Honest reviews are worth their weight in gold.

    I love the idea of getting chocs and flowers in the post!

    The ATG looks a bit cumbersome . . . so I think I'll stick to a combo of wet glue and DST. Having said that, I've been testing the Crafters Companion tape runner, and it's quite good!
    Hugs, Sandra x

  4. Interesting - have neer tried an ATG before. I agree with Interflora - if anything goes wrong it's sorted & the offending florist dealt with! Hope you're still having wonderful weather - warm here & very beautiful with the colours. Will catch up on your posts from w/e in due course.
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Morning Kath, thanks for a lovely day Saturday, great fun day. The sticky tape thingy, surely big enough to see amoungst the mess when crafting lol! Not sure if that's a big enough excuse to try it though. Think I would have to try before I buy, getting sensible in my old age, how boring is that! Carolxx

  6. I cant live without my ATG. I get through loads of rolls of the tape.
    Kath you will get used to the size.Lindax

  7. Hello fellow crafters. I also have been considering the atg so this review has been helpfull. Can anyone tell me where to get it the best price?

  8. Hi Kath
    Great reviews, I love to use Interflora, but I also use Next for their flower deliveries. I am guilty of using pva & loads of doubled sided tape. Lovely to hear such honest reviews & very valuable xx

  9. Hi Kath, I LOVE my ATG gun, yes it's a bit of a monster, but I wouldn't be without it. Hope you are well after your hectic schedule. Time for the champers I think....
    En xx

  10. I've seen that ATG on Craft Obsessions' website. It did look big. I used to have (may still have) a system that had 3 rolls of different width tape in it. An ex-colleague gave it to me. I quite liked it once I figured out how to fit the 3 roll of tape and how to use it lol! I'm sure it must be here somewhere. Anything that makes crafting easier has to be good. The ATG seems expensive though.

    Kat xx

  11. Love my ATG gun and can't live without it. Yes, it did take a wee bit of gettting used to. Here is a tip that has helped me tremendously!!! That tape sticks like crazy, so if you need to reposition something you have already stuck down...heat it up with your embossing gun...comes off wonderfully and saves your paper!


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