Friday, October 7, 2011

Beware...Wet Paint

Morning folks....the production line crafting has moved up a gear and it's going to be a painty kind of a day in the cubbyhole prepping all the chipboard panels for my canvas workshop next Saturday...instead of faffing around with a brush (which is fine if you are just painting one) the cubbyhole crew had to come up with a more a streamlined method...time to look out a disposable tray and this dinky mini paint roller...
 you really do get a much smoother finish for stamping on with this method than using a brush...
but there is one slight logistical problem...where do I put them to dry.  We have a strict rule in this mad crafter's crafty stuff allowed outside the cubbyhole so there is only one suitable place....the floor and let me tell you now there will be one mighty hullaballoo if a certain someone with 4 huge hairy feet decides to go walkabout
With 30 to prep...this may take a while...a great excuse to have a repeat of yesterday's mid-morning break and get stuck into Tina's delicious Strawberry Preserve and yesterday's  "mad baking moment" scones...blame the Great British Bake Off...
Catch up with you all tomorrow over at Penny Black Saturday for another great challenge and we have something extra special to celebrate.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath. I could do with you decorating for me you must be a whizz with the roller.Those scones look yummy as well.
    Have a good day.
    Kathleen x

  2. Oh be carefully Buddy - has Mum tried a hair dryer? Might speed it up a bit, and by the way, those scones look yummy!! Mary G x

  3. Hi Kath I can't wait to see them finished. Your scones look so yummy. hugs maxine x

  4. Your scones look great. Good luck prepping.

  5. Hi Kath and Buddy, thank for your kind message. Your scones look delicious I can't remember the last time I baked. Good luck with your painting. Hugs x ChrisB

  6. Mmmnnnn, Two for you or is there one for Buddy! Buddy will be thinking ...what next, Mum crafting on the floor! Carolxx

  7. OMG . . . now I feel hungry and it's not long since breakfast! Those scones look DEE-LISH-OOS!

    Hope Buddy kept clear of the cubbyhole yesterday!

    Hugs, Sandra x

  8. Morning Kath
    You do look busy! Those scones look delicious, I keep meaning to try and bake some they are a favourite (not quite the same bought from a shop) ~ enjoy xx

  9. That looks like fun..and hope buddy was careful.. must add..them scones look rather nice... would be even nicer with some clotted cream !!!!

  10. Blimey Kath,do you ever stop Lol.I loved The Great British Bake Off,did you watch the Master Class last night too,Paul Hollywood,gorgeous eye candy hee hee.Those scones look yummy.Buddy wouldn't do such a thing !!!!! LOl.Huggles xx Cuddles for Buddy xx

  11. I do love that baking programme, those scones look delice, you've put me in the mood for some baking.
    Great idea with the roller.
    Ann x

  12. Looks like a busy time Kath - again! Hope Buddy managed to keep out of the way lol!

    These scones look yummy, bet they're even nicer with Tina's lovely strawberry jam. I was lucky enough to receive some of her yummy makes too.

    Kat xx

  13. Oh, that could be living dangerously since Buddy knows that the floor is HIS territory! Be careful, Buddy, be very very careful! That scone looks yummy!

  14. oh this looks familiar - we have a whole section of the lounge devoted to paint pots & brushes. Buddy - I hope you hadn't left any of your discarded fur about.
    Paula (PEP)

  15. Your scones look delicious I can't remember the last time I baked.


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