Friday, October 14, 2011

Why is it....

Morning folks....why is it life never goes according to plan....I was up with the birdies this morning...still dark outside....kettle on and settled down at the computer to catch up with comments...e-mails etc...oh yes I had great plans but I should have known that technology would have a hissy fit and scupper everything.  I am super duper lucky to live only a mile and a bit from our local telephone exchange and am normally speeding around cyberspace with my uber fast broadband connection but not this morning.   First Mr Windows popped up to tell me he was downloading updates then he has to install them...just when I thought I was back up to speed my Anti-Virus programme decided to join the fun with his version of slowing the computer down and before I can get cracking I have to start all over again with the "You Must Restart Your Computer" thing.  Two cuppas later I am finally in business but now running behind schedule. And just to really spice up the day Mr Nikon is throwing his toys out of the pram too...isn't technology just absolutely wonderful...oh yes but only when it works...a statement I'm sure our Blackberry friends would agree with right now.
So what's on the agenda today....the Workshop supplies box is all packed ready to be loaded in the car tonight for an early morning get-away...fingers crossed I haven't forgotten any important ingredients...
I've been cracking on with the DT stuff...I even have my Penny Black Saturday card in the bag....
it's been a busy week so I am escaping the crafty shackles and anything to do with technology to take a little trip out to Alford to visit my lovely buddy Anne at The Sew Room and meet up with another lovely buddy Jane who is on a visit from the West of Scotland...time to chill out with a cuppa and a chat for a little while.  Then it's home to put my search and rescue hat on...2 pairs of Fiskars scissors and my bone folder have completed disappeared off the face of the earth...the cubbyhole was turned upside down yesterday and still no it's going to be a "down on my hands and knees" scavenging in the bin kind of an afternoon. See you all tomorrow over at Penny Black Saturday for another challenge and a super cute prize.
Hugs Kath xxx
Edited to add: I know you will all be waiting with bated breath for news of the missing tools....good news they have been found safe and well and just when I was jumping with joy and feeling rather pleased with myself....this happened...
I do have a spare pair but which one of the hundreds of safe places did I stash them in.....back to rummage mode once again.


  1. Oh, what a mice box fulfil with wonderful sfuff... I would love to receive one at least))

  2. Morning Kath.Nothing ever goes to plan does it.I bet you have put your scissors and bone folder in a safe place.
    Have a great day with your friends.
    Kathleen x

  3. Enjoy your day out Kath. Remember to ask St Anthony to let you know where your missing items are . . . he's the Patron Saint of Lost Things . . . you may think I'm daft (a lot of people do) . . . but it quite often works . . . and what have you got to lose, so to speak!!!!

    Hugs, Sandra x

  4. Morning Kath, we're snail pace out here takes forever any day, a bit like me! Love the sneak peak. Hope you have a fab day tomorrow and know you'll enjoy today at The Sew Room. Take care. Carolxx

  5. I'll definitely be over to PB tomorrow to see the rest of this sneaky peek.

    I can only dream about fast broadband, mine is even slower than slow! At the moment I'm not a big fan of technology. My phone must have gone really low the other night and I ended up with the battery out before re-charging it so now the date on it is August 1981 and I can't persuade it to change. Wonder where the manual's hiding?

    Hope you had a lovely time with Anne and Jane.

    Kat xx

  6. say hi to the girls for me
    and hope you find those scissors
    have a great day tomorrow

  7. Mmm Blackberry been pants here too of late. Technology always plays up when you don't want it too. Say "hi" to Anne for me....must get through soon.
    Hugs Erika.

  8. Oh, I can't wait to see what the Penny Black Challenge is! (Kraft?)

    Hope you find your bone folder and scissors. I had one of those days yesterday--on my hands and knees under my desk looking for a marker, only to find one of my cats rolling it along the floor later in the afternoon! Hey--maybe Buddy has your missing craft supplies? (although, he's probably not as naughty as my kitty)

  9. Actually here from WOYWW - late I know...sorry about the rubbish start to your day. I have endless patience with an inch of lace but zero tolerance with techy problems...did read that BB were having major issues...your desk, colours and sneaky peeks are looking lovely and tempting as ever! I'm a bit late but thanks for sharing. Sarah at 10

  10. Doesn't it seem that some days you'd just like to skip? I had one of them yesterday - trying to make a CAS card, I must have done it 8 times; either it was a tiny ink splotch, or I didn't get it square or the stamp didn't stamp completely. I persevered, though, but I was not a nice person to be around in the process. And I join you in the missing things department - they always turn up, but not when you need them!

  11. I know the feeling Kath of things going missing Ive spend the afterneen looking for my embossing mat for my cuttlebug and still cant find it but while looking for this I found my missing nestie which Ive been looking for all week. Your sneek peek looks interesting !!! Of now to to some faffing around with my cricut . Aud x

  12. Hi Kath, why does that always happen.. I'm glad someone else suffers of things not going quite to plan (hate to think I was the only one). Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  13. Sorry Kath but i am sat here nearly falling off me chair LAUGHING.Hugs xxxx

  14. Oh my - hope you find the spare pair of glasses. Looks like the workshop will be great fun & can't wait to see the PB Saturday ........ looks very interesting. Treated myself to some new PB goodies so hopefully I can get using them again....... oh for more hours in the day. Hope you sleep well after that rather stressful day.
    Paula (PEP)

  15. Well, Kath, have to say that you've made my day! I'm soooo glad that thing like this happen to other people, too! Don't get me wrong I'm sorry it happened to you...but at least I'm not the only one. And it all seems to come in bunches, it's never just one thing...Hope you found your spare glasses...otherwise it could be an interesting class!
    Enjoy, I'm sure your students will

  16. Oh my you did have a day, make me feel better about mine. Sandra mentioned St. Anthony, my grandmother had a small statue of him and when she lost something she'd ask his help. Usually worked but if she didn't find what she was looking for right away she'd turn him to the wall and sure enough whatever it was would be in the next place she looked. :)
    Blessings Bernie


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