Thursday, October 27, 2011

Off On a Jolly

Morning everyone...woohooo...the alarm clock went off at 5.00am and I'm on the train speeding my way to the SECC for the Hobbycraft show...enjoying a relaxing coffee right now and if it wasn't pitch dark outside I would be watching the scenery whizz by and I may even manage to have forty winks before I reach my destination.
It's going to be a real fun day catching up with lots of bloggy buddies especially the lovely girls from The Sugar Nellies Group and guess what...I've been made an Honorary Auntie just for the day so look out Karen..Gayle..Ali..Liz..Cass..Alison and Charlotte...I'll be expecting some super duper hugs. But by the time I pop by to say hello to Sue and Jane at Craftwork Cards...David and Brenda at Craft Obsessions...David at Samuel Taylor...Keith at Fantastic Ribbons and the lovely girls and my Fiskars buddy Lorraine at Art of Craft....will there be anytime left for shopping.
I'll be trotting from stand to stand in my comfy way am I spending 7 hours in shoes and ending up with feet like puddings and I'll be strutting my stuff with the latest fashion in totes...what every well dressed crafter should be wearing this Timmie Tote has arrived...ordered way back in May from the USA but definitely worth the wait...I chose Subway Signs to remind me of all my wonderful trips to NYC...
it's absolutely could it not be if the Lord of All Things Holtziness designed it...highest quality wipe clean on the outside with metal feet on the bottom...
big zipped pocket inside for your stash purse...more pockets to hold your mobile phone and all the other paraphenalia us girls need to carry with us and a magnetic closure to keep everything safe...
and loads of room for my camera and any crafty's absolutely TIMMILICIOUS AND I LOVE IT. Forget those mega buck busting designer bag girls...this is what should be on your Christmas Wish List this year. So if you're going to the SECC today and wonder who on earth the auld wifie in her baffies carrying her posh tote's OK it's only ME...give me a nudge and say hello.
See you all tomorrow with news from Glasgow.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. have a fantastic day Kath, can't wait to hear all the gossip

  2. Have a wonderful and I love your new bag!!!

  3. I've gone a lovely shade of green . . . with envy . . . at your day out AND your tote bag!

    Have fun one and all


  4. Have a fab time Kath, gutted I'm not making it. I need a bag it's just deciding which one to go for?!
    Happy crafting, Erika.

  5. Hi Kath.It was lovely to meet you.I must have missed Ali.Hope you get home safe and sound.The bag looked lovely by the way.
    Kathleen x

  6. Slippers! Absolute genius!! I hope you're not wearing them on the train though, lol! Love that tote bag, well chosen.


  7. Can't believe it's a year since you, Debz and I had the bestest weekend at the SECC !!!!
    Disappointed we couldn't make it this time , but look forward to hear all the GOSS !!!
    Anne xxx

  8. Hope you had a great day at Glasgow Kath. Love your bag, I've ordered a butterfly one, so hope it comes soon!

    Looking forward to hearing all about your day and seeing your new stash - if you had time to buy some! Hope there's still plenty of goodies left on Sunday. I did suggest to David and Brenda at Craft Obsessions that they would need to take loads of goodies to Glasgow to keep everyone happy.

    Kat xx

  9. Sounds like tons of fun, except for the 5 a.m part! Love your new bag, hope you and your slippers had a great day.


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