Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big plans for today...

Morning's the day that all those of you who work Monday to Friday 9 to 5 do your own thing...indulge in your favourite hobby or just laze around in your jammies having a chill out day and hey me too if I can get away with it but today is going to be a work day for the cubbyhole crew because the box of Fiskars goodies has arrived.
The plan is to get the crafty fingers working on the 5 projects needed for Friday and it's all to do with teamwork...we can forget The Furry Boy...he's just had his weekly pamper "get rid of all those excess hairs" session and is currently flat out on the sofa...
so it looks like it's ME and Mr Mojo...let's hope he's in a co-operating kind of a mood and that he hasn't wandered off to do his own thing or decided that Sunday is a day of rest.
Lots of e-mails have been popping into my inbox about how to do the double bow that seems to pop up on most of my cards at the moment...believe me folks it's really simple because I don't do complicated if I can help it...
so here is my little crafty secret...tie a bow and fix down with a glue dot...tie another the same and fix on top at a different angle with another glue dot....see I told you it was simple didn't I.
I was so chuffed a while back when the lovely Alison from Art of Crafts asked me to do a craft interview which was published on the Art of Crafts she has collected all the interviews into an e-line book...The Big Book of Craft Interviews...
and you can get a free copy if you pop over to Art of Crafts and sign up for the newsletter. As much as I would like to linger for a's time to put the kettle on...round up Mr Mojo and get to work....I'll see you all tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Good luck with the projects today Kath.

    Will check out that link shortly. Thanks for sharing.

    Following your inspiration and help, I've got a "sneaky peak" email going your way this morning too!


  2. That's a huge box.... and I bet its full of lovely goodies...
    thank you for the tip on the ribbon
    I did wonder how you got them to look to perfect
    Happy crafting Kath and Buddy

  3. Morning Kath have a fun day with your goodies.Thanks for the tip for the bow.Buddy looks as if he has had a hard day.
    Kathleen x

  4. oh wow can't wait to see what you do with the new fiskars products and bless Buddy looks so comfy after his papmering have a great day huni xx

  5. clever-clogs!! Will be putting double bow into practise later - i've wondered for ages how to do it! x x x x

  6. Hi Kath have fun with that big box. Looking forward to your creations. Hugs x ChrisB

  7. gosh we'd better get your autograph :)
    have fun with your fiskars goodies

  8. looks like you have a busy day in store and Buddy has already done his days work!
    have clicked on link, but told myself to get house stuff done before I get lost in more online stuff! LOL
    have a great Sunday
    Love teen & co x

  9. oooo! I know someone famous! Lovely article on you Kath. Enjoy the box of trix. Could join Buddy fine on that Sofa. Carolxx

  10. Morning Kath, you have a busy time ahead by the looks of things.. thanks for the tip on the bow, i will try it out.
    Wish my little bundle of fun would lay down and go to sleep like Buddy
    does, then i could get some cards done.
    Deb & Beau xxx

  11. Hope that your day has gone as planned and thank you so much for the ribbon bow tip.

    Kath x

  12. Wow Kath what a big box of goodies! Hope you got on well with your Fiskars projects today.

    I wondered if that was how you did that lovely bow but haven't done a card with a bow recently to try it.

    I haven't managed to read about you yet - drat this internet connection. Need to finish off 2 cards, just the inserts, and blog another two. Then my ironing before any free time lol! Full time this week and also have to have my teaching hat on so might need to be better organised than usual.

    Kat xx

  13. I could use a bit of pampering myself--Lucky Buddy! :)

    Can't wait to see what wonderful stuff comes out of that box and what fab things you make with them.

  14. Aha! Thanks so much for sharing your secret! :)

  15. Thank you soooo much for sharing your lovely bow trick - I have often wondered how you do it - it looks just lovely but then again it seems everything you do is just lovely. I love your blog and get a giggle with your antics. I hope you get all your kitting done without disturbing Buddies sleep Lol. Have a happy day x joy


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