Monday, October 31, 2011

The Furry Boy Does Christmas

Morning may well be Halloween but my snuggly bundle of golden deliciousness aka The Furry Boy is in Christmas mood and has decided that he wants to make a start on his Christmas cards...hey he may not be as daft as he looks. I don't want to panic you but 8 weeks today will be Boxing Day...the big Fat Man in the Red Suit will have been and gone and we will all be recovering from stuffing our faces with all that Christmas grub.
Luckily the old crafty girl is almost organised for escaping the cubbyhole and taking off for Birmingham so WE set to work...that's the royal WE you understand because HIS LORDSHIP lay on the cubbyhole floor and did what he does best....snoozed.

I just knew these gorgeous die cuts from LOTV would come in handy for quick and easy cards when I bought them at the SECC but now that HIS NIBS has snaffled them....I need to stock up again at the NEC and with 6 on a sheet for £1 and 12 sheets for £10...well you can't go wrong...a bit of a no-brainer.
A quick trip to M&S in on the cards today to replace my faithful old slippers....they have served me well over the last year but after my trip to the SECC I suspect that the wonderful air cushion sole has seen better days so it's time to splash the cash and get a super duper new pair...if my feet ain't happy...enough said.
I doubt we will have any spooky visitors tonight as we no longer have any young children in the street which is just as well as The Furry Boy would probably go into doggy meltdown if anyone appeared at the door dressed as a ghost but he won't get off entirely scot free in the scary department when the fireworks start...have to say we have been fairly lucky this time round...not many firework morons out and about so far. I can't quite get my head round the fact that Health & Safety haven't yet banned the sale of fireworks to the general public...crikey kids aren't allowed to play conkers now at school in case they get injured but yet it seems to be OK for them to run amok with explosive devices.
Have fun if you are out and about tonight but stay safe.
Catch up with you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Morning Kath.Well Buddy certainly looks good in a santa hat.It's been very quiet here we haven't heard any bangers either.Love your cards and hope you get a comfy pair of slippers.
    Have a good day.
    Kathleen x

  2. morning Kath, I'm thinking of having a cheeky wee run to the Papeterie to see if Charlotte is feeling any better this morning after I drop the kids off.
    I agree about the fireworks - and (touch wood) we haven't heard them at all this year yet

  3. Whaddya mean, you don't mean to panic me?!!! Gracious. New slippers sounds like a deserved treat to me Kath!

  4. LOVE your LOTV cards Kath. They are such sweet designs and, like you say, perfect for quickies.


  5. Buddy you look so sweet!!! Great cards Kath. Totally agree about the fireworks. Hugs to Buddy.

  6. Your card iks `Beautiful` those images..
    Have a great night:) x

  7. Lovely set of quick xmas cards Kath thats what we want as were always running at the last minute, love those lotv squares I used them last year all so cute, love buddy with the santa hat on !!!! Aud x

  8. Lovely cards, indeed Kath thanks for sharing and do love your dear doggy and his cuteset look with red hat atop!;D Happy slipper hunting comfy feet can be demanding.Shaz in oz.x

  9. No fireworks here yet thankfully - the army kids are very well behaved & there are few others about. Hope you don't have too many bangs Buddy.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. Lovely cards Kath, they look nice and quick which always helps this time of year. I've only made 1 christmas card so far, oh dear!! Must commend you on your comment ref conkers and fireworks. So true, I'd rather have kids playing conkers than setting off fireworks. How do these people come up with these rules!!!!

  11. love your cards Buddy you are clever lol,and you have made them so quickly i am impressed.Hugs xx

  12. aww Buddy looks so adorable i just want to give him a big squeeze bless him and i do love your cards and i know what you mean not long now till the big man himself gets stuck in the chimney i have been out christmas shopping all week its been caos lol xx


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