Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 in Cards (Part 1)

Hi everyone...well can you believe Christmas is over for another was lovely to spend time with my family but I'm looking forward to getting back to the normal routine after all the mania that goes with the holiday season especially the whole over-indulging "just can't resist" food thing. I left the Christmas table 2 days in a row absolutely stuffed and swearing I couldn't eat another thing and've hour later I was stuffing my face with cheese biscuits and chocolates and I wonder why I now look and feel like a beached whale.
And it's time for what has become another annual tradition...a look back in time at my favourite cards and projects from on the pics for more info on each project...






Halfway through the year and after the uploading and linking marathon...I need matchsticks to keep my eyes open so I'm heading up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire with the Furry Boy but we'll be back tomorrow to share July to December.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Lovely collection Kath, glad Christmas went well. x

  2. It is so lovely to see these beautiful creations again Kath! Hope you got a good night's sleep. Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Sounds like Christmas was enjoyed...we all do it Kath. We eat far too much and then regret it after - but it was fabulous at the time.
    Lovely selection of makes from the first half of the year - can't wait to see what you picked from the 2nd half.
    Toni xx

  4. I read your blog everyday of the year but I still love to see your 'look back' at the cards. You are an amazing paper crafter Kath - please keep on sharing your creations with us all.

  5. Wonderful creations. I enjoyed it very much.

  6. WOW!!..........Absolutely stunning cards Kath the backing papers and embellishments used are so too stuffed!! so enjoyed it though! x

  7. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane. They look even better second visit around. Looking forward to seeing the next 6 months. Hugs Mrs A.

  8. Well, now I can't wait for part two...and I couldn't do you??!!

  9. An absolutely stunning selection of cards and a wonderful showcase of your creative talents. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  10. I just love your stye, Kath, you inspire me every time I visit! My favorite here is the next to the last one with the sweet pale yellow flowers......Looking forward to seeing what you have for us in 2015!