Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hi folks...oops...looks like I spoke too soon about the's turned decidedly wintry here...definitely cold enough for snow with a bone chilling wind blowing straight down from the Arctic...perfect weather for being cosy and snug in the kitchen...singing along with Mr Buble and the Furry Boy guarding the oven door and whether we get a white Christmas or's looking decidedly Christmassy indoors...with all the golden oldie "back in the day when Ceramics ruled my life" ornaments...

but I'll be back tomorrow to share my visit to the place that takes Christmas decorating to a whole other level.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Love those fabulous snowmen Kath. I think a White Christmas would be nice, but we rarely get snow in our we corner in the west. Stay song and warm and enjoy the fun of the season. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Hi Kath the snowman looks lovely. It was very cold yesterday but it also did a lot of raining too.Enjoy your music x

  3. The temps down here near London were not too bad yesterday...although your would never have thought so as the wind was soooooooooo icy.
    Love the snowmen and the moon.
    Keep snug & warm - glad to hear that Buddy is 'guarding' the oven...such an important job.
    Toni xx

  4. What a gorgeous threesome!! do you ever light the candle? the church scene is beautiful too! nice being indoors when the weather is cold and crisp wrapped around an open fire and the fragrance of the Scentsicles lingering (thank you) and best place for Buddy too keeping warm .........loving your posts take care and have a lovely time xx

  5. Hi Kath, love your ceramics, I have a lovely light up Santa from a friend who also was really into them a few years ago. They all represent Christmas so well, not like some of the junk we see in the shops today and all costing a fortune only to have been made in China. You seem all so well organised for the big day, enjoy it, you deserve a seat in front of the telly with your feet up relaxing. Hope Santa leaves something nice for you, if it's the same as this house you will have ordered it yourself so it will be great...Trish

  6. Hi Kath, I just adore your ceramics. With me it was always snow globes. Sadly I lost many of them when I was forced to move after I lost my parents but I did manage to save a couple of my Christmas ones, plus one other that broke looks just as good as an ornament once all the glass was removed lol. Now, if you get snow, would you like to send it down to Cornwall please. Since moving down here I realise how much I actually miss the snow, we don't seem to get it here unless it's a really, really bad winter (not a flurry since I've been here lol). My fur baby loves the snow as well, which is weird really considering she's usually a fair weather dog :)

  7. Hi kath,hope you and Buddy got the card ok.LOVE your Christmas ornaments really Beautiful.Do hope you don't get snowed in lol.It's mild here at the moment.Happy Sunday.Hugs xx Cuddle for Buddy.xx

  8. Your home must look fabulous at Christmas, love all the ceramic decorations! Hugs, Anne xx

  9. Very nice decorations.
    Marry Christmas!

  10. Magical and beautiful Christmas decorations.


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