Friday, December 12, 2014

The Best Laid Plans...

Hi's sod's law but no surprise at this time of year that the best laid plans are more than likely to "gaun aft agley" (go wrong) as we say in the my neck of the woods. Silly me for thinking I had yesterday all planned out...starting off with a quick unpack all the new tools session...
and take all the rubbish to the skip before hubby's blood pressure went through the roof...crikey he definitely would win the award for Britain's most BAH HUMBUG person...then a quick trip into town to pick up a few bits and pieces for stocking fillers and straight home to finish off a little project I've been working on...
and after lunch...a fun "Timmie Tag" afternoon.  I'm sure you can guess where it all went wrong...yep the shopping trip into town was a nightmare...the world and his wife obviously had the same idea...the traffic was unbelieveable and I was 7 times round the car park before I managed to sneak into a space...arriving home mid afternoon and in need of a gallon of coffee followed by a lie down in a darkened room. So no prizes for guessing that I'm not chancing my luck predicting what will be on the old blog tomorrow.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Good Morning Kath. Sorry I have been AWOL recently. I think everything is catching up with us now. This year most of my shopping was done online , in fact my tree and devices are not even up yet. Stay safe my friend in this awful weather. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. I see that you got some advantedge punches, do you know if fiskars will ever discontinue older ones to make way for newer designs?

  3. Sounds like you need to avoid the crowds and spend some time playing with your new toys.
    I still have one trip to do into town on the weekend before Christmas and I am not looking forward to it.
    Toni xx

  4. lol Kath, its always the same with best laid plans <3
    I am desperate for the new fiskars rotary cutter in 12x12! I have the old one, had it years and love it but can't find a replacement anywhere and didn't want to change brand! but then I saw your new toys and I googled...but its on in the US :(
    I'll have to keep stalking UK sites but at least I know its coming lol
    Sandie x

  5. We have snow here today and the roads are chaos. You are right about the world and his wife being out and about - not much happy Christmas spirit either.... I love what you are working on, I am using the same sleigh and fabulous reindeer too - aren't they just gorgeous!! Big hugs, Anne xx


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