Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It's A Wrap...

Hi Folks...as they say in showbiz circles "It's A Wrap"...we're finally done and dusted with the Christmas grub preparations...just one more washing up session...
and just like at the end of every big production...we'll be having our own little wrap party tonight...yes me and my faithful furry partner...
who's been there every step of the way and licked the kitchen floor clean goodness knows how many times will be chilling out tonight...a glass or two of something festive for me and a tasty "hang the diet" treat for The Furry Boy...stocking up on some fortification...chilling out and preparing myself for that annual free for all...the last minute bits and pieces shop at M&S and if last year is anything to go by...it's going to be BEDLAM.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Merry Christmas Kath.Thanks for all your inspiration and help.

  2. Get your elbows at the ready and just go for it! Good luck! Big hugs, Anne xx

  3. have a wonderful Christmas Kath - always enjoy your blog and looking forward to your adventures in 2015!

  4. Enjoy your festive wrap party then!

    Seasons Greetings


  5. Just like to wish you a very Happy Christmas Kath. I love your blog and visit everyday, I have a good laugh at times at your antics. Your craft designs are stunning you are one talented lady.....I'm looking forward to following you in 2015. x

    Janina x

  6. Hi Kath,Good Luck with the last minute bedlam,then put yer tootsies up and stay there lol.Hugs xx

  7. Good luck with your last shop. I did mine yesterday. What we don't have now we go without!
    Merry Christmas to you. Hugs Mrs A.

  8. Merry Christmas and enjoy your pre-Christmas treats!

  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New year Kath. Enjoy some me time cos you so deserve it !!

  10. Hope it's not too busy for you and you get some treats! Wishing you and yours all the very best take care xx

  11. Hope you & Buddy were able to 'chill' this evening.
    I've done with the large shops for this Christmas - tomorrow will be just a quick stroll to my local shops and then that's it.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Kath.
    Toni xx