Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sharing The Christmas Cake Love...

Hi folks...things are looking up...the new washer has arrived and has been working it's magic on the pile of dirty laundry and woohoo the Fiskars project is in the bag...
the Christmas Day soup is done and dusted and heading for the freezer...
I've been busy ticking things off the "lots to do before Christmas" list whilst on the other hand my furry companion has been taking his sleeping partner role a little too seriously...some folks have all the luck...
and in reply to lots of e-mail requests I'm sharing the Christmas Cake Recipe...

12oz Self Raising Flour
1 Level Tsp. Mixed Spice
1/2 Level Tsp Nutme
6oz Caster Sugar
17oz Sultanas (or mixed fruit)
2oz Glace Cherries
4oz Mixed Peel
2 Large or 3 Medium Eggs
6oz Margarine
9 Tablespoons of Milk
1 Tsp Almond Essence
Sieve flour, nutmeg and mixed spice into a bowl.  Add all the remaining ingredients to the flour and beat until the mixture is well combined and has a soft dropping consistency. You may need to add a little more milk at this stage. Line a cake tin with non stick baking parchment, spoon in the mixture and bake at 170 or 150 Fan for 1.1/2 to 2 hours.
I'm no Mary Berry and I'm not trying to teach my Grandma to suck eggs but here are a few little tips I've learned over the years...
1. wash the cherries and dry with a soft cloth before adding to the mix (prevents them sinking to the bottom of the cake as it bakes).
2. Wrap thick brown paper around the outside of the cake tin and tie in place with string...this prevents the outside edge of the cake from over-baking.
3. After one hour cover the top of the cake with baking parchment to stop it going too brown.
4. The cooking time really depends on your check the cake after 1.1/2 hours and at 5 minute intervals thereafter until the skewer comes out clean and woohoo your cake is ready.
I'll be back tomorrow to finally share the Grungeboard Waste Project
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Could you confirm the size of tin needed for this recipe please. I usually make my cake in October but didn't get around to it this year and I don't want to resort to a bought cake so might give this recipe a try. Thanks.

    Hope Mr Zanussi is settling in alright.

  2. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I'm not sure about caster sugar and how it is in comparison to what we have in the states, but will go online for the comparison. I have lots of the ingredients on hand and only need a few more and will definitely give this a try. Thanks again for taking the time to give us the recipe, especially in this busy time of year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, too! :)

  3. Hi Kath and the lovely sleepy Buddy, he looks so content. Thanks for sharing your recipe and for hints about cherries x

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe Kath, I may just give it a try too. The soup looks delicious! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Thank you Kath for sharing your recipe l don't normally make a Christmas cake but it looks so yummy!! and Buddy is so lovely what a great friend you have there and l can smell your soup from here enjoy it on Christmas day xx

  6. Is it always at Christmas things break down or does it just seem like it? You have the right attitude to keep you going Kath. Soup recipe? ;-)

  7. Oooooh yummeeee,will def make that cake,assume it's an 8 inch tin.That soup looks soooo delicious,love soup.Awww look at the Big Furry Bundle he is soooo lovely bless him,it's all just tooo much lol.Happy Christmas xxx

  8. The soup looks delicious Kath - how organised you are.
    Thank you for sharing the cake recipe.
    Buddy seems to be adopting the perfect attitude for the time of year - wish I could curl up and snooze and wake up to find everything done.
    Toni xx

  9. Thank you so much Kath for sharing the recipe...I can't wait to try it...your finished one looked lovely.

    How I do envy Buddy with his 'Stay Calm and Stay Asleep pose!!!!!!!

    Jennifer. x

  10. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Merry Christmas!