Friday, December 19, 2014

Out With The Old...In With The New...

Hi folks...I'm on a mission to clear out the old before we hit 2015 and finally I've managed to find a replacement for this wobbly legged old storage tower...
a rather more streamlined "matching the rest of the storage units" affair I found at Argos and narrow enough to fit the space that was left...needs a few storage baskets and a bit of titivating...a job for a cold wintry afternoon me thinks...
and a certain member of the cubbyhole crew is uber uber excited at getting his snoozy space back...
he's asked Santa for a cosy bed for his special corner but that all depends on whether the big fat man in the red suit thinks he's ticked all the boxes in the "I've been good" department...only time will tell on that score.
I'm abandoning the cubbyhole and all thoughts of next week's manic Christmas Cook-athon today to meet up with a dear friend for coffee and a blether at my favourite place at this time of year ...a winter wonderland of all things sparkly...just the thing to get me in the Christmas mood.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Perfect unit Kath. The room is really coming together.
    I'm sure Buddy will be 'trying' to keep on Santa's nice list. Hope you have a lovely day.
    Toni xx

  2. happy for Buddy that he's getting his space back! Great shelves and all matchy!!!

  3. Ooo I am so green with envy Kath! Your new space looks so gorgeous. Also very happy to hear that Buddy get's his nap place back too. Buddy has been good this year, well mostly, he lost all that weight and he only rolled in the mud a little lol! At least as far as I can remember - why do they love the mud so much? I've planned to set up a soft snuggle place for my Eddy after Christmas, he likes to sit with me when I'm creating Karen x

  4. Unit looks good Kath. Buddie deserves a warm soft bed in his favourite spot so I hope Santa brings him one. Bless him x

  5. Looking good and Buddy has been very good losing all that weight, I shall tell Santa he deserves a new bed. Have fun today, I remember last year's gorgeous pics x

  6. Your new unit looks great Kath! I shall tell Santa that Buddy has been seriously good too, a new bed will fill that space beautifully... Have a lovely time with your friend. Hugs, Anne xx

  7. You must be thrilled to have found some narrow shelving to match the other two and the remaining space. We put down a new bed for our 1 year old dog in my home office so that he can stay inside on rainy days (we're lving in Crete and he likes being outside just as much as being inside; although he also loves being in the living room with us in the evenings), but so far it's only been used by 4 different cats, who seem to have adopted it LOL. I do think Buddy has been pretty good this year. After all, boys will be boys...

  8. Hi Kath. The new unit is great and really looks like part of the main unit it's next to. Congratulations on the Cubby Hole makeover. Were I closer to you I would come and take the old unit off your hands lol. I've just put my tree up and so far...touch wood...bothy the dog and the cat are ignoring it so it may last unscathed this year. My old cat sadly left me a few months ago. Even though she was 17 1/2 years old she still loved to 'help' me with the tree lol. I think I need to find a special bauble in her memory, maybe I'll go mad and make one. Love to you and yours, and a special tummy rub for Buddy. x

  9. That's good news for Buddy and his weight loss well done Buddy and enjoy your bed!!.....loving your craft room Kath looks like everything is fitting in nicely as you say out with the old and in with the new looking forward to seeing your amazing creations throughout 2015 and thank you for the lovely card l'd forgotten to thank you ealier it's taken pride and place with my other special cards take care xx

  10. Super Duper room,hope you enjoy your relaxing chat n day off from EVERYTHING.I will join the list to Santa,telling him Buddy should have his new bed.Hugs xx

  11. Wow - it's looking beautiful! So light and airy - what a space to create in.
    Alison xx

  12. The cubbyhole looks wonderful....a fabulous creative space for you and Buddy

    Hugs Annie x


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