Friday, January 16, 2015

I'm confused...

Hi folks...I'm a bit confused by the "every 5 minutes" severe weather warnings from The Met Office...oh yes the folks who couldn't predict their way out of a paper bag have gone into panic mode...terrified in case a flake or two of snow should fall and you hadn't been forewarned...for goodness sake Winter is an annual event and with it comes chilly icy snowy weather. While the rest of Scotland has been thrown into chaos...schools closed...rail services cancelled so far my little corner of the universe has escaped..not a flake in sight...just wall to wall blue sky...
 with just a touch of frost on the paths...
and with no snowballs to chase...the Furry Hooligan is in "find a stick to chew" mode...
but if you're struggling with the weather where you are...take heart that Spring is just around the corner...
Back to the crafty stuff...the DT projects are done and dusted and it's time to move on to the first of a couple of magazine commissions...
the weather may be unpredictable but I can wholeheartedly guarantee this is "100% way out of my comfort zone"...time to get the kettle and my "thinking out of the box" cap on.
See you all tomorrow
Hug Kath xxx


  1. Lucky you, your weather looked gorgeous. We had terribly strong winds and rain. But at least the snow had melted here too. I suppose it could be worse. I love the first signs of spring. Thanks for sharing your sunny day with us. I'm looking forward to see what you're going to do with your crayons. xx

  2. Hi Kath mixed weather here at the moment, very windy and icy cold yesterday. Hopefully a bit warmer today and no rain for pooch walking. X

  3. Enjoy your blue skies - ours are wall to wall grey. Plenty of rain & gale-force winds down in this neck of the woods.
    It will be interesting to see what you come up with regarding those crayons.
    Toni xx

  4. Much the same here Kath. Yesterday we battened down the hatches, got extra milk and bread in .... and nothing happened, other than some gusty winds. Intrigued to know what you might be doing with the crayons.... Hugs, Anne xx

  5. There are times I think I should move back to Aberdeenshire... When the weather comes up covers most of those! I thought when I moved south I'd get marginally better weather, but it's turned out to be much worse!
    Oh well, never mind. Just looking at those colourful crayons is helping to banish the winter blues. Can't wait to see what's in store there. x

  6. Heee heee you do make me larf Kath,you tell em girl.Love your pics,so beautiful and the Big Furry Boy looks happy enough.It is weird though,one minute the sky is black and we have hailstones,the next blue sky oh well,like you say nothin new there then lol.Intrigued by those bright crayons.Happy Friday.Huggles to all and a Huge Cuddle for Buddy xx

  7. Thanks so much for my morning chuckle. Your posts are so fun. I enjoy each and every one.

  8. We had a gorgeous day here until mid afternoon and the hailstones came down cleared and become a lovely sunny afternoon your right about the met and l have to agree with gorgeous photos and lovely buddy enjoy the good weather too! x


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