Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mucky Lugs and Hairy Feet...

Hi folks...let me assure you that the title of this blog post does not refer to me but to my adorable canine gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness or he will be after he's had his Sunday pamper...a vigorous session with the Furminator to get rid of the billions of excess hairs...mucky lugs cleaned...nails clipped and the bit he hates...a tidy up of the overgrown toe hairs...I have to say I'm not too keen on anyone touching my feet either so no doubt it'll be the usual skidding around the floor until the job's done. Not what Fiskars intended their scissors to be used for but hey I won't tell if you don't...
and then I'll be ready for a flop on the sofa with coffee cake and the Sunday crosswords but better keep a space for tonight's supper when we'll be joining Scots across the world to celebrate the birthday of Scotland's bard...RABBIE BURNS...the world's most famous wordsmith...he had a magical way with language and with the ladies too apparently...
 Love it or loathe it...I'll be tucking into the traditional feast of 
Fair Fa' yer honest sonsie face
Great Chieftain o' the puddin' race
washed down with a wee dram or two...
and snuggling up to enjoy Sunday Night telly...Call the Midwife...brand new Top Gear and Last Tango in Halifax
See you tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Lucky Buddy having a pamper but as you say like my pooch they are none to keen. Enjoy your Burn's night and the programmes tonight. I'm also looking forward to Mr Selfridge as well.

  2. Hope the 'trimming and cutting' isn't too bad for either of you. Even though I am half Scottish, I never did quite acquire the taste for the haggis, but the neeps and tatties are a definite yes. Enjoy them and your evening Kath! Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Hope the pampering of the Furry boy isn't too difficult.
    Have a fabulous Burn's supper and enjoy your evening.
    Toni xx

  4. Buddy is so lucky to have such a caring owner,he will be even more handsome lol.It is my birthday today so I am celebrating too.Huggles xx Cuddles for Buddy xx

  5. Hi Kath, have a lovely Burns night, sorry but stomach the haggis. Sorry not been around much. Love and hugs x ChrisB

  6. LOL...there I was thinking you'd turned into a Hobbit, kath :). My fur baby got a going over yesterday. I popped her up on my desk and got the clippers out...she hates them and I can only skim over her face and head. I can't do her feet with the clippers though and they still need attacking with the scissors, much to her disgust. After shearing she was unceremoniously dumped in the bathtub for her post-shear shower. She looked like a pathetic drowned rat and almost had me feeling sorry for her. We then had the usual tug-o-war with the towel before she decided that she really needed to go out into the muddy back garden...luckily for her she stayed on the shingle path lol. She's nice and silky again now though and got an extra face grooming from the cat lol. x

  7. Enjoy Burns night. I haven't had haggis for years!

  8. Oh l tried haggies for the 1st time about a year ago and it was so lovely your dish looks yummy and l hope you enjoy your evenings viewing and Buddy enjoyed his grooming xx

  9. The first haggis to hit my palette was when we journey to Great Britain 2012 for a mega bus tour. We rolled into Edinburgh and that night we had a Scottish evening including the dinner with the salute to the haggis as well as splendid entertainment.
    So jealous that you are enjoying new Midwife & Last Tango in Halifax episodes. We shall have to wait for a bit here n BC, Canada. Sigh.


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