Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Off On A Tangent...Again

Hi's All Sytems Go in the cubbyhole...I've been cracking on with this month's DT Projects for Inspiration Emporium and I'll be sharing Project 2 tomorrow...
but it's time to move on to Project 3 with the Recipe Card Box Die and I decided to use what is probably my most favourite of all time Tim Holtz Paper Stash Pads...the gorgeous Wallflower...sometimes us crafters are inundated with inspiration...sometimes not but even when you have an idea firmly fixed in your mind of what you want to make...there's no guarantee that's how it will turn out. With the recipe box and cards die cut and covered with yummy papers...
I've had a change of heart...a last minute lightbulb moment and I'm heading down the "off on a tangent" road but that's crafting for you. And before I's confession time...I got lots of lovely e-mails congratulating me on my artistic skills when I posted this...
you all fell in love with this beautiful sketch of my gorgeous Furry Boy but I need to set the record straight...
1.  I can't draw for toffee...that's why I love stamping and...
2.  This beautiful sketch was a gift from my very talented buddy Alexandra...she asked me to send her a photograph to work from and wow I was absolutely blown away when the sketch of my very handsome guy arrived...the likeness is uncanny...I was lost for words...overcome with emotion and will treasure it forever.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Your friend, Alexandra is very talented. That is indeed a beautiful likeness of your furry friend!

  2. Wonderful sketch of Buddie it captures him so well. Alexandra is certainly a very talented artist x

  3. Can't wait to see those projects in full Kath.
    And that is indeed a stunning sketch of the handsomest canine in blogland. Not being able to draw for toffee would be an improvement for me, I can't even manage stickmen! x

  4. Oh my goodness you are off to a great start with the recipe card dies, I love what you have done, the dies have shot to the top of my ever lengthening list now!

    Alexandra is an incredible artist, she really has done Buddy proud! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Oh Buddy looks as handsome as ever,what a talented lady.Can't wait to see end results of your gorgeous projects.We had an almighty hail storm last night everything was completely white,loud thunder and very bright lightening.Happy Wednesday to you and Buddy.xx

  6. Nice to know your back in your craft room and what a fabulous sketch of buddy it's really lovely your friend is one talented lady!! x

  7. These recipe box and cards look lovely. Are the dies only available from the states just now?
    I really enjoyed doing Buddy's portrait for you Kath. I'm glad you're still enjoying it. He is a lovely boy.
    Thanks for all the lovely comments from everyone too. I will need to get back into drawing again I hadn't done much last year, but maybe 2015 will be better. xx


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