Sunday, January 4, 2015


Hi folks...surprise...surprise and believe me no-one was more surprised than moi...3 Fiskars projects in the bag...
and wait for it...3 step-by-step instructions done and dusted...
not that it was entirely plain was a bit of a "dragged kicking and screaming" to the keyboard kind of experience with the accompaniment of much Moaning Minnie gnashing of teeth but it's one of those jobs that once you've started it's never as bad as you think and after all these years of doing step-by-step instructions why haven't I got my head around that thought...probably my's right at the top of the least loved jobs list...way up there with the other "you either like doing it or you don't" job in my life....IRONING which just so happens to be on today's list. It's desperate times when you find yourself in that old familiar "more clothes in the ironing basket than in the wardrobe" situation again.
But I'm struggling to deal with certain parts of New Year's Resolution Numero Uno...not the early to bed bit...we were tucked up and sound asleep before 11pm last night...up at silly o'clock with the birdies and off for our morning stroll long before the rest of the street had stirred.  The bit that's not going so well is...ignoring all the goodies in the fridge...all that tempting yummy cheese...left over ham and meat I know how The Furry Boy felt on his strict "weight loss" diet.
But I have one feather in my New Year Resolution far I have resisted the temptation of all the "crafty sale" e-mails bombarding my Inbox...crikey am I running a I coming down with something or will 2015 be the year that I finally manage to keep the New Year's Resolution that all us crafty "can't resist a bargain" folks struggle with...only time will tell.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Well done Kath, tough to get going again after a break.... I too have lost a little discipline.... Right another coffee, then I will get some exercise! Nikki,xx

  2. You have covered a lot of things Kath so well done. Not sure about all the goodies though, you can't just throw them out so you will just have to endure ( enjoy really ) them for a little while longer. x

  3. Well at least you made and kept some resolutions! You just need to add a' rider' to the food resolution and start that one when all the food is gone.... Well done for getting the Fiskars projects written up though! Hugs, Anne xx

  4. Well done you - two great achievements. A dent in your Fiskars to-do list AND resisting the fridge.
    I was determined not to buy too many treats this year and tried to be more organised with some by splitting up packets and freezing what could be frozen...problem is - crisps & nuts don't freeze so the only thing to do will be to take them into work to share.
    Toni xx

  5. The only reason I've managed to successfully not buy any crafty goodies on sale so far, is because my credit card refused to play along, lol!

    Besides, my money is earmarked for a splurge on Sir Tim goodies at Art from the Heart next week! :-D x

  6. Well done Kath, I'm the same with my CPD portfolio I have to keep for work but I make myself sit down on the first Wed in the month and just do it...grr horrid but it gets done. Good luck with the rest....but hey crafting is never to be curtailed is it?!x

  7. I love your posts they make me laugh ( in a nice way ) anad truly inspire me.Good luck with the fridge dilemma lol.Happy Crafting.Huggles xx Cuddle for Buddy xx

  8. My New Years Resolution was to play with paper on a daily basis. So far, I am proud to say, I have kept my resolution. Also, I am getting organized this year. I shall start tomorrow! Happy New Year and congrats on your accomplishments....good girl!