Monday, January 5, 2015

Ooops...a little hiccup...

Hi folks...crikey why did I shoot my mouth off about managing to resist temptation in the "Christmas Crafty Sale" department when it was guaranteed there would be a little hiccup or two along the way...yes I've ended up eating my hat...not to mention a great big slice of humble pie and remember that feather in my cap I was boasting about...well it blew away and is probably halfway to Timbuctoo by now.
I toodled over to The Papeterie on Saturday in search of 2015 calendar tabs for a Fiskars project...
but they just happened to be located on the 40% off everything Christmas Sale table...a feast your eyes bonanza of stamps...paper pads...lots of Christmas bits and pieces and DIES including TIM HOLTZ CHRISTMAS DIES and at that moment in time I knew I was doomed to failure...all hopes of resistance to join that feather in Timbuctoo no doubt...
So if you've got some Christmas Gift cash burning a hole in your pocket...I would suggest that you make your way to The Papeterie and treat yourself to some fabulous bargains. Do NOT's time to get your skates on because I'll be heading back over there today for a Workshop Pow-Wow and it's a well known fact that little hiccups come along when you least expect them...just saying.
But all is not lost in the New Year Resolution Department...another Fiskars project is in the bag along with the step-by-step it too early to start polishing my halo...
See you tomorrow or perhaps later today at The Papeterie.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Never mind Kath it looks like you got some great bargains x

  2. Ah but Kath...after they were kind enough to offer a 40% reduction it would have been rude not to have taken them up on the offer (giggle). Enjoy your goodies.
    Toni xx

  3. Ooooh lov to see hand crafted calendars,what a bargain,Tim was so good to put those under yer nose.I'm sure with your talent you will make wonderful creations with them.Happy Crafting.Huggles xx Cuddles for Buddy xx

  4. Hi Kath, Happy New Year, better late than never, not sure where the last two weeks have gone but I reckon it's kinda back to normal again. Haven't made it into Papeteries sale yet, hope there's still some bargains left when I manage to get there. I love the big dies, they are so strong and very reliable. Look forward to seeing all your crafting for another year... Trish

  5. I to have made a promise to myself not to buy any more crafty bits as I have so much already to work
    through BUT there are so many more goodies out there that one cannot pass by a bargain , I really do enjoy your blog and love your beautiful creations.x

  6. Well your goodies look amazing and l wouldn't be able to pass on these either xx

  7. Well as my hubby says, there are no pockets in shrouds... you will love both those new dies, the skates is one of my all time favourites of Tim's dies ... there are some Idea-ology skates too ... just saying! Don't forget to save some for Tim's new releases too - aren't they fabulous already!! Hugs, Anne xx


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