Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I've got my DIY hat on again...

Hi folks...
Important Announcement 
apologies to those who have already booked for Saturday's workshop at The Papeterie...sadly it has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
So with the kitting gone from my list of stuff to do and the rest of the work stuff up to date...I was looking forward to a "chill out and relax" weekend...closing the cubbyhole door and leaving the creative stuff behind until Monday...well you know by now that things rarely go to plan in this establishment...by lunchtime on Saturday I was twiddling my thumbs...that familiar "what can I do now" restless feeling...an ideal time for the little guy who pops in to my head with more mad ideas to pounce. Before I knew what had hit me I was back in DIY land...the workdesk unit was emptied...upended and getting an Annie Sloan make-over...
One of those "who's bright idea was this" marathon painting jobs...8 blinking 4-sided cubes that needed 2 coats not to mention a mega waxing session but once you've started...there's no going back...you realise you've just signed up for a fun weekend with a paintbrush turning the cubbyhole into a world of brilliant white.
One unit done...just two to go...
And right on cue...the arctic weather arrived...I woke up on Sunday morning to a wintry flittering of snow...a colour co-ordinated  "everything's white" scene inside and out.
on reflection...if it was a weekend of "everything is white" excitement I was after...perhaps I should have headed to the ski slopes where there's not just a few inches but piles of the white stuff...

I'll see you all tomorrow to share my "Off On A Tangent" project
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. There is no stopping you once you get going is there . Just the same myself ....always doing something. xx

  2. Yes I'm the same, don't sit still for long but I think you win for all the things you get up to Kath. Enjoy your day. X

  3. I was worth it though, the cupboards look fabulous now! I have a few things in my craft room that could do with a make-over - do you hire yourself out by any chance.....?! That really is a lot of snow! Stay safe and warm. Hugs, Anne xx

  4. As you say...one down, two to go but things are certainly looking good so it's all worth it.
    We had a fluttering of snow on Saturday but it turned to heavy rain and they are now forecasting sleet/light snow for tomorrow - doubt we will see anything like the quantity you have up there. Keep safe & warm.
    Toni xx

  5. It's amazing the difference a coat (or two) of paint can make! Looks fab Kath, well, inside does... I'm not a big fan of the outside right now! x

  6. It looks good Kath you did a great job of the painting and the pictures shown are brilliant l just love snow providing l don't get stuck in though!! sorry to hear about the classes being cancelled .....keep warm from that snowy weather it's cold here but not snow as yet xx

  7. The workdesk looks great Kath - well done on getting it finished.

  8. Hi Kath, your work desk looks lovely and bright, a great idea to cheer up a work room. The photo with the huge amount of snow is more like what we were used to as kids, we were always making igloos. I don't want to see that here again. ..Trish