Thursday, January 22, 2015

Time on my hands...

Hi folks...I hope you are all safe and warm in this chilly UK weather...we've had more snow in my neck of the woods and apart from venturing out for our daily doggie strolls...the Furry Boy and his Mum have been snuggled up all cosy in the cubbyhole. And the make-over continues...with a bit of spare time on my hands between crafty projects...I set to work sorting out my Idea-ology storage and decorating the storage chests from Rob MDF Man...
what better way to spend a snowy afternoon than having fun with the new kid on the block...this little guy is worth his weight in did I ever live without him...he sure made short work of sticking down all the Idea-ology bits and pieces...
two to go...
in the meantime hubby has been busy with the new computer work didn't go entirely to plan probably because there was no was all a vague idea in my head and after spending most of yesterday covering my ears I haven't yet got round to telling him it may need a little bit of adjustment here and there.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath 


  1. What a great storage unit you made Kath and I can see how useful the glue gun has been. Keep snug x

  2. Great storage unit and love how you have covered it. So cold at the moment, winter is certainly biting Have fun today playing x

  3. Hmm, Blogger is not playing ball today....I love the distressing on the drawers and you certainly are handy with that glue gun! Love your embellishing... Snow here too and the roads are treacherous. Good luck with hubby and the work station.... Hugs, Anne xx

  4. Beautiful storage Kath.
    Sounds like you need a pair of ear-muffs...that way you can keep your ears covered whilst hubby continues to work on the work station but at least your hands will be free to carry on crafting.
    Toni xx

  5. Hi Kath,Greetings from chilly Cornwall,no white stuff yet though.Love how you have embellished the storage,great idea.Your husband sounds very handy andy,like the colour paint too.Happy walks with Buddy,Baz and I went up the Beacon today,fantastic views,blue sky and sun yaaaay.Hugs xx Cuddle for Buddy xx

  6. I love what you've done with the little drawer unit and can't wait to see the new computer unit. Hope you and hubby will still be speaking by the end of the week LOL!

  7. Some nice ideology storage going on there Kath!


  8. lol.....................rather you telling the hubby hehehe...what a fab job you have done on the drawer unit l just love the look of it and looking forward to seeing the next two on display no snow here although we had just a little flutter on Sunday evening not enough to stay around xx

  9. that is darling Kath - what a great idea for all the good junk! love how you even added in packaging!


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