Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ticking Along Tuesday...

Hi folks...it's Tuesday and I'm confident it's going to be a ticking along nicely day...yesterday's negative thoughts have flown out the window and thanks to Mr Mojo's co-operation...mag commission number uno is in the bag...just the dreaded step-by-steps to tackle and I'm home and dry.  I do love my job but it's easy to fall into the "bogged down with deadlines" trap...Mrs Grumpy takes over and that's a recipe for disaster but life in this little crafty space is never doom and gloom for long...there's always something guaranteed to lighten the mood and remind me that life's too short to get your knickers in a twist...it's playing with paper for goodness sake...not inventing the bloody atom.
Time to share the little incident that got me back on track and had me giggling all day...an absolute classic...a real "telling tales out of school" story and of course it involves my Furry Partner...to be found most days chilling out on his cubbyhole cushion...
and yesterday was no exception...snuggled up all cosy with his bottom right up against the radiator...when without any warning whatsoever he released a huge explosion of wind with the accompanying sound effect of a bullet ricocheting off a tin can. The look of  "crikey was that me" indignation on his face had me cracking up and I was in bits when he bolted for the kitchen returning a minute or two later to peek around the door with his "is it safe to come back yet" face on...an absolutely priceless laugh out loud moment.
And there's more cheery news...the all important Flybe flight to Birmingham is booked...thank goodness I didn't procrastinate on this occasion as there were only 3 seats left...any later and I might have been making the journey strapped to the wing...arriving a little ruffled...bedraggled and looking seriously botoxed...now here's a thought...I may have stumbled upon the perfect way to smooth out this old wrinkly face.
Until tomorrow
Hugs Kath


  1. How funny Kath, pets have a way of making us smile , good old Buddy x

  2. **giggle** poor Buddy **chuckle**...not laughing really Buddy...**snigger**
    Toni xx

  3. haha thanks Buddy, that made me smile!

  4. Oh Buddy, that's so funny. Sending hugs.

  5. Now I am giggling away too, how funny is he, so typical of a male of the species pretending it wasn't him... Pleased you nailed the project and you are so right, it is not worth getting our knickers in a twist - I think I may put a sign up in my craft room to say just that! That was good luck with the flight! Don't ever think of changing your face, certainly not that radically (!) you are lovely as you are! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Morning Kath and Buddy. Thanks for the chuckle!! On they are not wrinkles, they are character.
    Hope you have a good day. Hugs. Jan. xx

  7. Would loved to have been a fly on the wall,what am I saying,I would have been blasted off hee hee.Oh well,better out than in hee hee.Glad you are back on track Kath.Stay warm and safe.Hugs xx Big Cuddle for windy boy.xx

  8. That's so funny, I could see that familiar surprised look in my minds eye as I read this. The feeling or normal trumpet noise is usually enough of a surprise for them but the loud vibration off the radiator reaction would have been priceless. Dogs make you smile or lol with their funny antics without even trying. I think a windy Buddy is enough air ruffling too without strapping yourself to the wing of the plane! Thanks for the giggle. xx

  9. No surprise that Buddy is hugging the heat from the radiator ....lol your so amusing xx


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