Monday, February 9, 2015

Creaky start to the week...

Hi folks...Monday morning and the start of a brand new week...the mittens are finished, ready to be parcelled up and sent on their merry way for the "Knit For Winter" project...fingers crossed...excuse the pun...someone will buy them and put some pennies in the charity's coffers...
it was fun seeing them take shape but now I know why I gave up knitting all those years ago...this creaky old "coming apart at the seams" body does protest big neck is giving me gip...trapped nerve...wear and tear...repetitive strain it what you will...with hindsight...I should have paced myself over a week or so instead of going for the all out 2 evening world record and unless there's now a neck transplant available on the NHS...I doubt I'll be picking up those knitting needles again anytime soon.
But I did manage a little playtime in the cubbyhole with my new Simon Says Stamp dies...just had to have a little fun before they too ended up in the long forgotten "when did I buy them" box...
 harking back to my "back in the day" style of card making...
 not an inky edge in sight...
Toodle-oo for now from this creaky old "ready for the knackers yard" crafter
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. The mitts look stunning l love the wool you used and the colour ideal for this time of year too! l'm loving your card and the dies are amazing great that no colouring was added used and the backing check paper gives that great finish and a brilliant card sorry to hear about your neck hope it betters soon enjoy your day x

  2. The mittens look fantastic Kath, if I saw them for sale I would definitely buy them but sorry you ended up with back neck as a result. Your card is beautiful, I love the clean lines - it suits the dies so well and the backing paper has a lovely homespun feel to it! Hope your neck heals soon! Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Great job with the mitts Kath. You're not the only one who gets stuck in with their knitting only to regret it later. I always promise myself that I will pace myself next time only end up...still time to fit in another couple of rows...and boy do the hands regret it the next day.
    Love the clean style of the card.
    Toni xx

  4. Fabulous mittens Kath. Love your card too. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Oh kath you are a tonic lol,even if you are creaking away you certainly give me a boost of giggle juice.Love those mitts.That card is soooo me,those sorta elements I like and what brillliant result really love it soooo cosy.Huggles and Snuggles for the furry one.xx

  6. Hi Kath, your gloves are lovely just like the card, pity about the neck. I couldn't sit at the telly without my knitting, it keeps me awake. Loved the colours on your card, it still has that winter feel to it. Sunny day here, he you've enjoyed the same great weather...Trish

  7. Know what you mean about pacing yourself. I am exactly the same with knitting ...can't put it down .Love the card Kath xx

  8. ...great mitts Kath and they have their own flecks of snow too! they'll be snapped up in no time <3
    Great card love the ickle heart... :)Xx

  9. I have full sympathy for you and your aches. I just returned to work after 2 weeks of with back pain. It's no fun Kath. Your wee card looks lovely, pretty result with those dies. Your mittens look great too. I don't have patience for knitting, it's too repetitive, doing same over and over again, & I'm too slow in getting anywhere so I get weary and give up after an hour and don't want to do anymore for a few days, eg. I have a nearly completed scarf in a bag which I started about 3+ years ago, though I did do half dozen hats, complete with pom-poms for egg cozies for charity last year, small projects I could complete quickly before I got fed up. I hope your neck feels better soon. Take care xx

  10. The mittens look perfect. Don't know how you make such beautiful cards when your muscles are complaining. This one is a stunner!


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