Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stitches Part 1...

Hi folks...time to share Day 1 of a fabulous fun trip to Stitches...the annual UK craft trade show where wholesalers...suppliers and manufacturers come together under one roof at the NEC to showcase all their new products to the craft industry. So it's time to make a cuppa and find youselves a comfy sofa. I arrived in Birmingham early thanks to a super speedy Flybe flight...met up with my bestest bud Enfys and her lovely hubby Mike who whisked us off to The NEC to be greeted by this gorgeous cuddly bundle of wooliness...
What a pity I couldn't buy this fabulous doggy scarf...perfect for my wintry early morning doggy strolls...
but the clock is ticking and there's so much to see so we headed off to the Fiskars stand to say hello to my lovely Fiskars family and and woohoo was I chuffed to see that some of my favourite makes...including the Sweet Moments Scrapbook page of my gorgeous grandkiddies had made it on to the huge Tag Maker promotional banner...

then we headed off to drool over the Tim Holtz wall at Personal Impressions...
 this crafty girl's wish list all in one place...a delighful feast for the eyes indeed...

next stop was the Sizzix stand which is always the most beautifully decorated stand at the show...lots and lots of gorgeous samples...beautiful home decor made with a simple butterfly punch...
 gorgeous fabric flowers...
 colourful rosettes...
 so simple but beautiful...
 a collection of felt cards...
and a cornucopia of gorgeous butterflies...
moving on to the fabulous Tim Holtz makes from my adorable hero...the one and only Pete Hughes...
 my favourite...made with the gorgeous Alterations Mixed Media  and Scribbles and Splat
no pic of Pete this time...I couldn't get near for the crowds of adoring fans but I did manage to snaffle a pic of my gorgeous buddies Paula and Enfys deep in conversation...
 and thank you Pete for my beautiful Sizzix brooch...
and in between all this "eyes out on stalks" crafty drooling...there was lots of social networking going on...meeting up and chatting with lots of crafty buddies...too many to mention but you all know who you are and it was lovely to catch up with you all again but we had only visited the first 3 stands and Day 1 was over...time to join the Fiskars gang for a yummy dinner...lots of chat and laughter before heading off  to bed and I slept like a log until 7.28am...probably because there was no Furry Boy bouncing around on the bed.
Hanging out with lots of crafty buddies is the best fun you can have with your clothes on but I'm shattered...I feel as though I've been dragged through a hedge backwards and have no idea what day of the week it's strange that walking the show is much more tiring than working at the show...I blame all the chatting and I think my bestest bud Enfys may well agree after she posted this on Facebook...
"Walking around a trade craft show at the NEC with Kath Stewart is a bit like going on a walkabout with the queen, or visiting a woman's convention with George Clooney, even the security guards knew her and stopped for a little chat...quite exhausting"
I'll be back tomorrow to share Day 2 sharing more goodies and fun workshops.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. All that lovely stuff! All that inspiration! Have you any idea how many of your readers will be wiping drool off their keyboards today?

  2. How fantastic Kath and to spend the day with Enfys must have been so lovely. I LOVED the Tim wall...gosh that is one big wish list x

  3. Loved the woolly sheep but think Buddy might have disapproved if you had taken it home.
    All those fabulous goodies...lots of drooling going on here.
    Toni xx

  4. Thank you Kath for all the fabulous pictures they are wonderful. I love the doggie scarf absolutely adorable. Looking forward to tomorrow's look around x

  5. Fab pics, thanks for sharing. Enfys's post on FB did make me smile

  6. It really did make me smile when I saw what Enfys had written about you, it made me feel better almost instantly! I LOVE that gorgeous sheep, even more disappointed now that I missed that too! Thanks for sharing all the lovely pics Kath, they are wonderful! Hugs, Anne xx

  7. PS - the brooch from Pete is gorgeous! Shame you could not buy the scarf.....

  8. The sheep is amazing; you must have known you were in for a colourful day when you saw that on the way in! I particularly like all of the felt items. Thanks for sharing your pics.
    Ruth x

  9. WOW,looks like you all had a fab time,and I love that sheep and dog scarf.Had to laugh at the what your bestest bud wrote about you,Lots of gorgeous goodies to oggle.Bet Buddy missed you.Huggles and a huge Cuddle for Buddy.xx

  10. Wow what a place l can see why you got very tired there's such a lot of see and do and of course you did it all with your friends glad that it went well and thank you for posting such gorgeous photos so nice that you have some of your goodies on show too xx

  11. l forgot to add the broach looks lovely x

  12. So the security guards know you Kath? Hmmm!

  13. AMAZING, STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL...............thanks for sharing it all with us and best wishes for you and poor Enfys on 2 day *lol*!!!

    xx Irene

  14. Love your brooch Kath, it's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all the fabby wall of Tims new goodies!! So pleased you had a wonderful time with your crafty buddies too!! Love n hugs Ann xxx


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