Friday, February 6, 2015


Hi folks...there's been even more snow in my little corner of the planet meaning the first task of the day is removing the snowy blanket from the car and being a bit challenged in the old height's an acrobatic nightmare of epic proportions balancing on the door sills to reach the middle of the roof...
I can't believe how many folks set off without properly clearing the snow from their cars...OK it is a bit of a chore on a cold chilly morning but believe me if the snow from the roof slides down your windscreen whilst you're travelling at speed in heavy traffic...forget about the wipers coming to your could well be game over.
And our daily doggy strolls have turned into a bit of a slippery slidey adventure for this two legged human whilst my "cloth ears" snow buddy aka the Champion Forager isn't going to let a little bit of snow stop his quest to sniff out anything remotely edible leaving his Mum stamping her feet trying to keep cosy...

and with more white stuff looks like we could be marooned in the cubbyhole for a hardship really when you have new goodies to play with and a fun project to keep me busy in the evenings...yes...I can watch TV and knit at the same time....I'm a girl.
but I have a hot date with the hairdresser today so once the car is cleared...fingers crossed I can successfully negotiate our icy lunar landscape street again...if not it will have to be Shanks' Pony.
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Gorgeous Buddy doing what dogs do best! Take care out and about Kath and keep warm. Frost bite is not a good look and makes crafting a tad difficult - might want to put some fingers in those gloves you're going to knit! Hugs, Julie xxx

  2. Ah, love the video of beautiful Buddy, snow clearly doesn't bother him at all! Take care going out today... we don't want any bruises or broken bones.... Hugs, Anne xx

  3. Buddy looks as though he is loving the snow, must be something about it as mine adores going out in it. Be careful out there looks nice but can be very dodgy. Enjoy your knitting x

  4. I'm also height challenged Kath and find a soft bristle broom works wonders for clearing the roof of the dodgy balancing needed.
    Snow does look fab but not when you need to get places.
    Enjoy your knitting.
    Toni xx

  5. Good morning Kath. I only discovered your blog fairly recently, and I am really enjoying reading your tales of crafting and Buddy.
    I know what you mean about clearing snow off the car roof. A couple of years ago, I bought a "Snow Shifter" from Lakeland - it is basically a soft scraper on a long handle and I find it really helps with clearing the car roof. (I have just checked, and Lakeland have them on sale at the moment.)
    Hope you get to the hairdresser OK.
    Ruth x

  6. Buddy obviously loves the snow unlike my cat who hates the feel on her paws. I too have a hair appointment today but my journey will be much easier. The sun is shining brightly here so although cold the mile walk should be quite pleasant.

  7. Kath, as usual love your blog - always make me smile. Like you and misteejay I'm not overtall. I use a rubber broom that has a rubber edge like a wiper blade - good old Lakeland. Not much snow down south but my poodles are loving the crispy fresh days.

  8. Awww Bless him,so lovely to see our Buddy in the flesh,thanks for sharing that Kath,he certainly looks like he's enjoying the snow brrrrrr.Do hope you got to the hairdressers ok,and back home.Love the pattern and yarn for the mitts.Have a safe and snugly weekend.It is bitter cold here but no snow.Huggles and Cuddles to all xxxx

  9. Oooh just look at Buddy having fun in the white stuff he's having such good fun! hope you don't get too much snow keep warm xx


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