Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wild and Woolly Wednesday...

Hi folks...yesterday didn't quite go according to the time I returned home from the abominable snowman morning stroll...thawed out with much mugs of coffee...decluttered the cubbyhole and did the usual domestic goddess necessaries...I was hit by a dose of lazyitis and crafting lost out to a day snuggled on the sofa watching daytime TV and the blizzardy weather outside...

and if the weather forecast for today is's going to be more of the same...Winter has arrived with a vengeance but I won't get away with pulling another sickie's decision it going to be a DT playtime session with the gorgeous goodies in my Inspiration Emporium parcel...
 or is it Timmie Tag time...
I fear it may well be another "much cups of coffee" kind of a morning before this "can't make up my mind" prone to faffing around crafter makes a decision.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Get crafting Kath - when you go out later to plodge in the snow there'll be even more of it to plodge in! We've only got a covering so far

  2. Our snow came & went in a morning - not that I'm complaining because that was enough to cause problems with the public transport down here.
    Enjoy which ever crafty task you decide upon.
    Toni xx

  3. And why not indeed,you are allowed a day off ya know.You work so hard and create such wonderful magic for us all to ogle and admire.Hope it doesn't get any deeper does Buddy have his wellies too.No snow here just bright dry sunny but very cold brrrrrr.Happy Craftting.Hugs and Cuddles for Buddy.xx

  4. Hi Kath, it's certainly weather for a seat in front of the fire up your way just now, we've been lucky so far with only a few showers but it has been raw and wet. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the goodies... Trish

  5. Our snow is still lying and the ice is shocking, the big pond next to us is frozen solid and the poor Heron cannot fish.... but in my view anything is better than rain! Hope you managed one of your projects today, it has been a faffing around at Ikea day for us. Thank you too, it arrived safely! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Oh well if you didn't do any crafting yesterday what does it matter there is always another day l like what l see on your desk though hope you manage to do what you have planned with the craft room today .....your snow looks lovely we are still free of the white stuff but it's cold take care xx

  7. Thankfully the snow has all but gone but it is bitter cold with plenty of frosty. Hard to get the mojo going when it's so cold, so enjoy the snuggle up on sofa time x

  8. Ours was gone as soon as it came no card making done granddaughter said nanny can you make me a blanket so knitting squares daughter suggest make it big mum granddaughter is nearly 3 can't say no


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