Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hallelujah...Hooray and Hoop-de-doo

Hi folks...I'm dancing a jig and shouting Hallelujah...Hooray and Hoop-de-doo...I'm over the moon that the kitting marathon is history and I've come out the other side in one piece...all packed up ready for Mr Hermes to pick up today and fingers crossed...deliver safely to Birmingham...
I think I shot myself in the foot with this workshop project...creating a water colour background on one sheet of card is a piece of cake...on hundreds it's an entirely different ball game...
 requiring an industrial sized mister
but where would I be without my trusty Fiskars best friend who made light work of cutting 5 sheets of 350gsm cardstock at a a knife through butter
the last cut as crisp as the first thanks to the "guaranteed never to go blunt or need replacement" blade...
 but hey it's water under the bridge now...
and this boy has been his usual "takes everything in his stride" laid back handsome self whilst all around him there's been absolute kitting chaos...
so as a special treat...we're having a day and my boy tramping the hills and dales together...blowing away the kitting cobwebs whilst Dad stays home to wait for Mr Hermes.
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Well done Kath for finishing off your mammoth task. Buddy will enjoy his extra long walk today. X

  2. Well done and enjoy your well deserved jaunt with the furry boy x

  3. You deserve a medal Kath! I have just had a very good experience with Mr Hermes, I cannot believe how reasonable he is - not to mention efficient! I do hope it is a lovely day for your long walk. Hugs, Anne xx

  4. hope you enjoyed your day tramping with your furry buddy and hope the wild weather doesn't arrive until you're both back home snug and warm!

  5. WOO HOO, well done you,blimey where do you get the energy from.Hope you and Buddy have a GREAT day out you deserve

  6. You deserve your day out Kath and I know Buddy will love it too.

  7. Good job Kath! Kits are torture- glad you are taking a break!

  8. Well done ...a brisk walk and come in form the cold for a hot toddy !

  9. Well done Kath on finishing your project and l hope you and buddy enjoyed your walk xx

  10. Congrats on getting the kitting done.
    Buddy looks adorable in that photo - hope you both had a fabulous day out.
    Toni xx

  11. Kath, I love your blog and your projects. I am a follower of yours for a few years now, and not only do I love your work, your cute and funny commentary but I love Buddy!!!!!! He is a sweetheart (give him a hug and a pat for me). I sometimes have a hard time finding some of the products you use on your projects, as I live clear accross the pond ( I am from the good ole USA, California to be exact). I did not know that Fiscars made such a cutter. I personally own a rotatrim which is similar in that it also has a rotary cutter that is self sharpening. Do not know of a better way of cutting chipboard for all of my 3D projects. I may have to steal this project idea for my office. I love how it turned out with just a few minor changes. My crafting name happens to be Luv2create. This would be a really fun project and would look great in my office. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love the idea of the industrial size mister Kath! Hope you enjoyed your day out. Hugs, Julie x

  13. I can't wait to join in with the fun at the NEC ...!


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