Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dearie Me...

Hi folks...it's Tuesday already and dearie me...it looks like it's going to be another whizzing by week with me chasing my tail as usual in the quest to nail deadlines but I'm slowly ticking things off the list...the Magazine Makes are done...2 lots of step-by-steps completed on a snowy Sunday afternoon and the parcels are on their way...amazing what you can do when your back's up against that crafty wall...
 and all I have to show for my weekend labours are some cheeky sneaky peeks...

but before I get stuck into this month's DT stuff...I'm planning a little sneaky playtime...having fun with this month's Timmie Tag...
Until tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Well done to you with another project of your list. The sneeky peeks look good. Enjoy your play x

  2. Enjoy your playtime - those peeks look good.
    Snow finally arrived here. We woke to a light dusting but it doesn't look like it will hang around for long.
    Toni xx

  3. Great job getting those pesky step by steps done (I know it is your favourite part really - lol!). Loving the sneak peeks too. When we next meet I must remember to get you to show me how you do your beautiful bows - they are always gorgeous! Hugs, Anne xx

  4. Yes please, do show how you do your bows, this one is simply gorgeous !
    Christine (Andypandy) x

  5. Sneak peeks are looking interesting. Can't wait to see them. Your country side looks beautiful Kath, just not sure I could live in snow country. I am a bit spoiled having been born and raised in Sunny California. We complain when the weather drops in the 50's. Snow country is for visiting for a fun vacation skiing. But it is beautiful.

  6. Well done Kath.Love your sneek peeks.Had barely a covering of the white stuff and icy roads,but chaos everywhere.Nightmare journey to Truro was glad to get home lol.What would we do if we lived in Scotland lol.Happy Tuesday to you Buddy and hubby.xx

  7. Fabulous sneaky peeks Kath. You are the busiest crafter I know. Hugs Rita xxx

  8. Well done Kath on your finished projects loving the sneeky pecks too! xx

  9. hope you had a productive day Kath - great sneak peeks! Hugs Rachel x


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