Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter Wonderland...

Hi folks...welcome to the beautiful winter wonderland in my neck of the woods...
gorgeous to look at but not such a barrel of fun when there's 2" of pure ice to get rid of before you can go anywhere...
and a bit scary when despite the winter tyres...the wheels were struggling to get traction on this steep slippery slidey descent...crikey it felt like steering a sledge not a car...
and there comes a time when the sensible thing to do is delegate the lunchtime stroll to my other half...
and retreat to the debris strewn cubbyhole to nail the last magazine commission...
See you all tomorrow
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Good Morning Kath. Beautiful winter scenes, but I can just image that driving in it is not much fun. We have not had any snow at all in Ayrshire , just a talc like shower that did not even lie. Your work desk looks like you are going to produce us with some exciting creations soon. Keep Warm and cosy . Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Kath, it's funny how only less than about 90 miles south of you we don't have any snow. Thank goodness too as like you say even your winter tyres are no good on ice? I agree other halfs are better to do the walking when it's like this. Oh it's so nice to see that your craft room looks as bad as mine, the saucing is so true " a messy craft room is a happy one". Mine is delirious!!! Hazel x

  3. How beautful Kath but I would rather look at your lovely photos from the warmer south...brrrr x

  4. The snow looks beautiful - it makes everywhere look so bright & clean but as you say, not great when you need to get anywhere. So far we haven't had any settled snow where I live which is great because British Rail don't need much of an excuse for the trains to go haywire.
    Stay warm & safe.
    Toni xx

  5. It is nice to know that others have ice and snow like us but it is not great for dog walking or driving, for sure!! Your work station looks like you had a lot of fun creating, hopefully you can have some fun time creating just for you now that the commission is finished! Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Beautiful - but I'm a real wimp when it comes to going out and driving in the snow. x

  7. Oh Kath,Whay Beautiful scenery but brrrr so cold for you,and driving is obviously precarious.Oh look at the Big Furry Boy bless him,and hubby all wrapped up lol.Take care in your snowy wonderland.Happy Crafting.xx

  8. Lovely to look at but not so good for driving in l hope that's the last you will get of the snow although the weather is predicted colder this week we still don't have any snow but l suppose we might get some at a later date...............and what does buddy think of the snow? nice to retreat to the cubby hole and get your magazine work done take care xx


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