Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Idea-ology Ephemera Snippets Update

Hi everyone, I'm sharing an update on the books I made yesterday to store my Idea-ology Ephemera Snippets. My friends will tell you I am definitely one of those people that once I start a task, I'm hell bent on finishing it. So I looked out the removeable adhesive tape runner and set to work inserting the Idea-ology Field Notes, Curator and Number Strips Snippets into the books. I'm not going to lie, this was a real labour of love, requiring lots of patience and more than a few coffees. The Curator snippets were the most fiddly but hey, I stuck with it, forgive the pun and oh boy was it worth it. For me, being able to just flip the pages and choose what I want is going to be a big time saver/game changer.

But it seems I'm also a glutton for punishment because I then decided to make another 4 books to store the Idea-ology Paper Dolls Mini, dividing them into categories - Groups, Male/Female, Pairs and Children and decorated the covers with Idea-ology Memoranda Paper, Design Tape, Idea-ology Eccentric Remnant Rubs and the relevant Paper Dolls Mini.

It was a long day but worth every moment and I rewarded myself with a few, well-deserved if I say so myself, glasses of something cold and alcoholic at the end of it. Have fun with whatever you're making.
If you want to know how I made the books, click HERE
Hugs Kath xxx


  1. Brilliant idea Kath and it all looks super ready to go at a moments notice :)) xx

  2. I have to agree an absolutely brilliant idea Kath x

  3. It is such a wonderful idea....soooo much easier to see and find what you are looking for.

  4. De son your brain works in a similar way to mine! Only difference is that you’ve gone & made a book & im still using small bags (snack bags) for mine…..I need a rainy day!

    Sally xx


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