Monday, June 30, 2008

Birthday Boy

It's Buddy's birthday today .... he's 2 years old - he came to us at 10 weeks old... how time passes....he was such a handful as a puppy eating all the flowers in the garden and digging everywhere but he is obviously growing up and becoming more choosy about what he eats although he does still like to chew on Mum's slippers - have given up on buying new ones because he just abandons the old ones and has to have the new ones and what's a pair of slippers between friends......he has a lovely sweet nature and adores playing with Brodie and Oliver. Buddy loves parcels (must take that off his Mum) but ripping the paper to shreds holds more interest for him than what's inside.
Busy or not had to make him a card and this truly was a quickly thrown together job yesterday - sorry Buds. A special treat for tea tonight birthday boy ..some yummy chicken maybe.
  • Images: from Nitwit Collections - Farley and Friends
  • Alphabet: Thickers from American Crafts
  • Chipboard Heart: Chippies from Woodware


  1. Happy Birthday Buddy I have made a picture for you its on my blog. have a lovely day :)
    hugs Holly xx

  2. Aaaarrrgghhh!! Do you ever type so fast, your computer can't keep up? It throws a wobbly and loses everything you've been typing??

    Anyways.. as I was SAYING (grrr).... Buddy is a very handsome boy!! Love him to bits!
    Happy birthday, Buddy!

    And the card's not bad, either! ;o)

    Heather xx

  3. His card is just adorable & I hope you let him have a chew at it later to see if he likes the taste.

    Happy Birthday Buddy....

    Lorraine xxx

  4. What a cute card! And dog too!

  5. Happy Birthday Buddy!! What a great dog and a great cards as well.

  6. Fab card!!! Hope he liked it as much as the bone!

  7. Happy Birthday to Buddy! What a fab card. Love it!

  8. Happy Birthday to Buddy Happy Birthday dear Buddy Happy Birthday to you Hip Hip Hoooray- hope your Mum got you lots of nice new toys and gave you a special dinner for a special handsome boy and imagine making you a card you can't eat lovely though it is it's no use to you when you can't eat it!Tell Mum it has to be made of liver cake next time
    Aunty AllisonX Woof!

  9. `Happy Belated` B`day Buddy:)

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Buddy.Hope you had a fabby day and were spoiled rotten.You're such a handsome boy.

    Cass xxx

  11. Aww Kath - Wish the handsome Buddy a belated woofy birthday from Me!!
    He is a big gorgeous fluffball!!
    Love his pictures and his card is great too!!


  12. Hi Kath

    This card is gorgeous and Buddy is such a handsome boy. Our retriever Sam died two years ago of old age, at 13 years. Such a sad loss. We have a shih tzu now called Daisy, but I'll always have a soft spot for retrievers, sniff sniff.


    Debbie xx


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