Friday, June 6, 2008

So cute

I couldn't resist posting these cute little fellas and the naughty puppy made me smile. My own Buddy was very naughty this morning - he ran off chasing rabbits in a wood near our house and he was still missing after half an hour of my whistling and calling his name and as I walked back through the wood, here he was sitting in the car park beside a car - not ours I might add as we walk to the woods. I was glad to see him but oh so tempted to boot his bottom all the way home....he doesn't have an excuse he's nearly 2 years old but of course, he is a golden retriever known for their zany characters and a tendency to chance their luck but one look from those big brown eyes and all is forgiven.


  1. Hello there Kath!! Thanks for visiting my blog today and leaving the sweet comment!! Also, thanks for all the BLOG CANDY details!!! That's GREAT!!!

  2. doesn't it scare the hell out of you when they run away! My dog did it years ago when i was a kid and we were so upset. she went and sat near a red car(as we had one at the time) and the owner kindly brought her home to us! They r clever creatures arn't they to sit by cars!

  3. Aww, bless!! :o)

    My mother has the same problem with her border collie chasing rabbits.. especially at this time of year, as she has been known to kill the babies. So she tends to keep her on a long leash, rather than spend hours calling and whistling! Unfortunately, it does mean the dog is getting less exercise, and is putting on weight. :o(


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