Sunday, June 22, 2008

What's happened to the Weather

Yuck..yuck...yuck...what has happened to the was a lovely sunny day here yesterday and we planned to have a BBQ today..well let me tell you that has gone right out the is absolutely chucking it down today. Walked the dog at 8.00am this morning and boy did we get wet...I was soaked right through to my knickers and I kid you not when I say I had water running out of the arse of my breeks...well at least when we got home I could take all those wet unmentionables off...poor Buddy is still wet even after a few towel dries and hey there is no smell on earth more pungent than WET DOG...... No piccies to post's a snuggle up on the sofa day with the Sunday papers and one wet dog.....ooohhh.....maybe not. Will be back in biz tomorrow. Hope the weather is better where you are!!!


  1. Poor you! We'e got sun in Surrey, although it is quite blowy. Enjoy your soggy Sunday indoors.

  2. Poor you & Buddy.... but hey, are you not used to having wet knickers??? If memory serves me right !!!! Better keep that story for another time eh ??

    Love ya babes
    Lorraine xxx

  3. This is far toooooo much information - won't go into details but it was all Lorraine's fault on a fabbie weekend in Newcastle.

  4. Eeeuuugghhh!!! What are you two like?? lol ;o)

    Have a lovely snuggly day with your soggy doggy, Kath! :o)


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