Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Take a Peek

Take a peek at these gorgeous little guys....I had mentioned to my Funky Hand Team Mate Carol how much I loved the House Mouse stamps and the cards she had created with them but couldn't make up my mind which ones to get and she kindly sent me some stamped images to help me make up my mind....thanks a lot Carol - you are so generous ...don't know if it has helped because I love them all but I think my favourites are the mouse with the compact and the little fella at the front saying "IT WAS HIM".
CAROL has made some wonderful cards with these stamps... pop over to her blog.....I kid you not this lady is very...very talented and you will be totally inspired by her creations and while you're there you can take a peek at the photos of the baby hedgehogs...they are adorable.


  1. A bit like you my love it's very hard to choose a favourite. Forget the money & buy the lot.

    L xxxx

  2. They are lovely, aren't they? How appropriate given your recent wildlife encounters!! ;o)

  3. How lovely to get this in the post, they are cuts as buttons!!


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