Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I need a big favour from you all - a dear friend of mine who is also a keen crafter has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and is undergoing treatment at the moment - a great lady with lots of spirit and a great sense of humour. The treatment for this terrible disease can be harrowing to say the least and she has found great support from her local Maggie's Centre. To show her appreciation she thought it might be an idea to take along some cards that they can sell to raise money to enable them to continue their wonderful work.
COULD I MAKE A CARD?.... Of course I will, in fact, a lot more than one...but this is where I need your help....if you could each make ONE card...what a difference it would make.....so come on girls...we are all at risk from this terrible disease...so I am counting on you.
Here is the deal...you e-mail me (you will find it on my profile) and I will send you my address, send the card to me here and I will forward them to my friend. Now it's only fair that there is a little incentive here to get your mojo going....I will create a post at the top of my blog and when I receive your card...I will list your name and at the end of July, a name will be chosen at random and there will be some fab goodies for the lucky winner.
P.S. Card with envelope and if possible a cello bag all ready to be sold......I am counting on you all..don't want my friend to think that I am "BILLY NO MATES".


  1. Hi Kath
    count me in for sure :) I have your address already, i'll pop some up to you very soon!

    Carol x

  2. "A friend in need is a friend indeed"...No problems anything to help:)
    Many Blesssings to your friend Kat5h...(((Hugs))):)xxx

  3. Of course!!! FH papers at the ready! Will email you

  4. Count me in! (Of course!!) ;o)

    Will email you.


  5. Making the card as I write...

    Will mail you shortly... for your address..

    Hugs to your friend...

    Gina x

  6. no problemo- post your address on our FH blog and I went get one off to you

  7. This is a fab idea Kath - count me in, you've got my e-mail and I will get something in the post ASAP



  8. Will post them of to you tomorrow Mrs, hope she is keeping well I still haven't got around to emailing her and I feel like sh1t for not doing it. Say Hi to her from me please. Karen

  9. SEnd me your addy, I will gladly send a card. I enjoy silently browsing your blog all the time, I'm happy to oblige.

    Any particular theme you are looking for?

  10. Hi honey, you know I'd do anything to help her & will drop her another email today again. Very important she knows we are all there for her.
    I will also put a note on my blog asking that people click on your blog for more details. The more the merrier.

    Will call you later.
    Lorraine xxxx

  11. I'll get to it asap Mrs :o)

  12. Hi Kath what a great idea i will get some in the post for you. x

  13. Hi Kath, Im on the case and will send you some cards on Monday, anything to help out a friend hun. Sending my love to your friend.
    Hugs Tracie :)x

  14. a very dear friend of mine is also undergoing treatment after a double mastectomy so I am only to happy to help out and will send you an email. annie x

  15. Hi Kath,

    Great cause, we all know someone suffering don't we.

    Have sent you an email, look forward to hearing back from you.

    Karen x

  16. I'll make one for you,
    please send add to send it to,


  17. sent you a mail and also put link on my blog

    hugs jane x

  18. This is such a lovely idea Kath, I would love to help. Will email you. Linda

  19. Hi Kath,
    Thank you for your address, I have posted out some cards to you today and i also have linked your post on my blog to help spread the word. hugs rach.xx

  20. Of course - it will be a pleasure. I will tell them about it at our card club next Wednesday and ask our lovely ladies if they would consider donating some of their work as well. Just off to e-mail you Kath, you lovely lady xxx

  21. Hi Kath, I'd love to help. Also I put a post on my sidebar of my blog with a link to your blog.

  22. I'm in! I found this through Lindsay's blog. I'll email you. What a wonderful thing you're doing here!

  23. Hi Kath I've just emailed you. What a great idea, I wish you lots of luck. Shirley x


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