Monday, June 9, 2008

Who's a silly blogger

Well hasn't it been a fabulous weekend weatherwise...I got lots of work done in the garden mainly reseeding areas of the grass where Buddy has been piddling...naughty Buddy but I suppose when you have to go, you have to go and yesterday we were invited to a last minute BBQ at my sister's...great no food to prepare and someone else do the cooking. We had a great time, fab food and one or two drinkies, not me I was driving and what did I do leave my camera there. Silly blogger..... I have lots of pics to take and upload so am really annoyed at myself. Sis is working today and BIL is off on a golf jaunt so won't get it back until tomorrow.
I am working on a few projects at the moment secret. all will be revealed soon. I am being naughty because I hate when other people tease.
Had to go and get some cardstock and insert paper local paper mill has the most fab craft shop.. The Papeterie... the cardstock is brilliant 300 gsm, beautiful quality and a ridiculous price for a large box. If you live in the North East of Scotland, you have to pay a visit...
Well what do us girls do when we are feeling down...have a spending spree and I bought some fab Collage Hero Arts stamps and some other little bits and pieces. Will share with you tomorrow when I get the old camera back. In the meantime I hope the weather is nice where you are...ENJOY.


  1. Ya silly auld blogger, I came to pay a visit & see your works of art to cheer me up & instead I get a note saying nothing till tomorrow. Poo Poo.......

    Had crap day until now as I've just found out that I won some blog candy so looking forward to that arriving. That said I'm off to the Create & Craft Experience at 6am on Friday so won't get it until I return late on Sunday night. Oh the trials & tribulations of a crafter....

    Look forward to tomorrows downloads. Big hugs
    L xxx

  2. Hiya Mrs, you've been busy of this past week, I've had a mad week with hospital appointments and stuff. Hopefully I'm back on track now for better things. Can't wait to see your pics tomorrow, Karen

  3. Hi, Hope your shopping spree helped cheer you up :-) Can't wait to find out the 'top secret' secret!
    Love Georgie x


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