Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh Goody...Goodies

Yesterday wasn't my best day ...silly moi was without camera and couldn't catch up with lots of photos I needed to do ...so I took myself off for a bit of craft therapy.....shopping in other words. Got these fabulous Hero Art Card Art stamps (I've been looking at them online for a while) they come with 2 cards and envelopes and some bling and also a load of those little clear stamps at 99p a sheet - great for little accents and icons.Then Mr Postman arrived with a parcel - wow some fab blog candy I won from Ros - lots of 6 x 6 papers in all different styles....and a beautiful card...thank you very much Ros but all I need now is some extra time to play with them.
The Liz Earle Summer catalogue arrived and on the back it says "Recycle or give to a Friend" but hey I think it would make a lovely card....don't you..mind you same image on the back..so that's two cards.

Ah..forgot to tell you earlier..I was sitting having my coffee this morning outside when a little field mouse appeared from nowhere...he obviously wasn't bothered about me and scuttled around for ages going about his daily business.......will have the camera at the ready tomorrow..so here's hoping that I get some pics...he was so darned cute.


  1. Heh heh!! shopping's the best therapy there is BUT it leaves a huge hole in your pocket so hope you've got needle and thread ..lol
    You got a field mouse... and I got a bird :) Flew down from the loft and scared me half to death. It was cute too though cos it was only little...once I got over the shock that is :)
    Chris xx

  2. Heyy!! I've got a cat! That would make for an interesting menage-a-trois, don't you think? heehee

    Silly moi? Are you sure that was the correct choice of vowels, Kath? heehee

    Sorry.. in very giggly mood! ;o)

    Those stamps look wonderful, Kath! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Heather xx

  3. Love all the new stuff! I toyed with the idea of getting some of those collage stamps a while ago, but couldn't decide which ones :)
    Looking forward to seeing your creations with them.

    Carol x

  4. Found you at last - thanks for displaying the RAK - hope you enjoy them!


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