Saturday, June 14, 2008

Off on a Tangent

Do you ever find yourself going off on a tangent. Last night was going to be playtime getting my teeth into some challenges - well football was on much football can a man watch..and then hubby announces it is on for 3 weeks....never mind a fuel protest...let's have a football protest. Needed to checked some stuff out on the computer and all went pear shaped.
Suddenly decided that I didn't like the look of my blog and thought I would quickly change it...several mugs of coffee and lots of swear words later......about 11.30pm I finally got it sorted and fell into bed totally pi**ed off with myself....what a waste of a crafting time....
It's a complete change of look ....not entirely convinced I like it but hey I've learned my lesson and it's staying that way...well maybe for the time being.


  1. It threw me when I dropped by for a visit!! lol.. I'm like a cat.. have to have a good sniff around, and check where everything has moved to. Then I can turn round three times and curl up quite happy that all's well with the world. ;o)

  2. Hey I love your new look it is great :o)


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