Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well Done Mad Coos

I am so proud of these two gorgeous gals....Dawn and Suzanne from Aberdeen who took part in the Moon Walk held in Edinburgh at the weekend. They were part of a team of 7 called the Mad Coo's (4 women and 3 men) and walked 13.2 miles through the streets of Edinburgh including Arthurs Seat and the Royal Mile (those inclines can be a killer!). They set off just after midnight and finished in 4.5 hours (including a 15 minutes loo stop!). So far they have raised £815 which will go to Walk the Walk Worldwide which raises money for various Breast Cancer Charities including Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Maggies Centres (similiar to CLAN). Well done to the Mad Coo's - so proud of you the outfits and oh those pink udders.


  1. Well done to everyone who took part & it makes me feel a bit guilty for enjoying myself sitting on my butt at the C&C Experience.

    Congratulations girls.

    L xxx

  2. I once walked 12 miles in a walkathon, and it nearly destroyed my feet!! Way to go, girls! Nuff respect!!! :o)


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