Thursday, June 26, 2008


Kazan from 2 Sketches 4You has just left a comment to tell me that because my card for last week's sketch was featured on Inspirational and I still haven't got over the excitement of that name has been added to their Famous 2 Sketchers much more excitement can this old gal cope with.....not good for someone who is waiting in line for her bus pass....well Buddy's not impressed - he was lying here sleeping and when I shouted out with excitement, he jumped up looked at me with his head to one side which he does when he doesn't understand what you are saying to him, promptly lay back down, sighed and closed his eyes again...well that guys for you!!!!


  1. Now, take it easy, Kath! Wouldn't want you to go over-doing now. Poor old thing.


  2. Well done again Kath and it is a truly awesome card! xxxxx

  3. Kath you just keep on making beautiful cards and Buddy will get use to it - even if we just get a little swiffer of tail wag :)

  4. Yaah Kath way to go......hey that sounds like most men!!!!!Typical..
    Big scream for you from my end..can you hear me?.....
    and hey the cards will be in the post...the stitching is done on my sewing machine!!!!!lol...
    (It takes me forever I promise)!!
    I`d never make a seemstress...but it`s fun:):):)
    Cards will be in post today so you can see for yourself!!
    Have a lovely Day:)


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