Friday, July 31, 2009

A big thank you

I know I've been a bit of a bad blogger lately....been neglecting you all....but this old crafting malarkey is inclined to take over my life and the decorating of the new cubbyhole certainly hasn't helped....why am I constantly chasing my tail and wishing for more hours in the day.....well yesterday I took off to have some me time and to meet up with my lovely bloggy bud Cass and her family....we had a fabulous time... a little spend in my local crafty shop....but the best bit a good old blether with Cass and the owner...the lovely Jacqui....and it makes you realise what is really important in life and that is having good friends and making time to have fun with them.   It was so lovely to meet up with Cass again and how nice that she took time from her holiday to come and meet me.....and am I embarrassed......she presented me with this beautiful card and this absolutely massive box of chocs.....oh dear...the waistline is going to go in every direction by the time I munch my way through all these delicious yummies.

and of course....there is no show without Punch.....some delicious treats for "The Budster"......and "will Buddy know what is in the bag" asked Louis......Cass's son.....he sure did.....he was glued to my leg the minute I walked in the door......and guess what....Mrs Dopey Mare did it again.....the little gift I had for Cass was left sitting on the kitchen table.....oh the shame.....big big thank you my lovely friend and look forward to meeting up again in October at the SECC.

I know I told you that the painting in the new cubbyhole was all done and dusted.....well "Mrs Can't Leave Well Alone" here decided to have a feature wall in a rather striking colour....yes REDCURRANT GLORY to be precise...I have painted this ruddy wall twice and would you believe it still looks a bit streaky....they look even worse in the pic than they do in real just off to get started on Coat No 3 and believe me I am now losing the will to live....who had the bright idea of moving the it too late to change my mind and stay exactly where I am.
Catch up with you all tomorrow (that is if the men in white coats haven't carted me off in a straitjacket)....for another fabulous challenge on Penny Black Saturday AND.... it's our big day at Funky Hand..the launch of our brand new challenge blog....GET pop over at 9.00am and join in  the fun.
Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx


  1. Love the wall! I painted my kitchen the same colour and it did take 3 coats....but looks great then!!

  2. So glad you and Cass had a fab day. I am loving this wall the colour is amazing.... it will be worth it in the end. Hugs have a smashing day.

  3. Its always good for the soul to catch up with the real friends in our lives, you seem to have one in Cass. Love the wall, would love to do one wall in my kitchen that colour.

  4. the new cubbyhole is gonna be sooooooooooooo cool. can I invite myself over for a tour when its done??

  5. Loving that feature wall Kath, hope the third coat is a success. Glad you had a good day with Cass. xxxx

  6. You can come and do my decorating any time you want. I've been trying to do the house for 10 years........ only managed a few rooms!

  7. Kath I love the colour off your wall, I am sure once your have everything moved you will love it too. Enjoy your choccies, and I must organise to meet you and Cass at the SECC in October..Hugs Avril xxx

  8. Love the'll really bring the room to life and be worth the effort!!!

  9. The wall is beautiful! It is my colour of choice for my living room coving and have never regretted it!! Enjoy the rest of your week!!

  10. You'll be snug as a bug in a rug with a wall that colour-and Christmassy too. Would like to get my room done but it's got woodchip on (which I don't like)and underneath there's 100 yr old plaster and DH and I can't decorate any more, not to mention the stash that really should be sorted out. Have got a room though and it is fab.Happy new room Love BettyXXX

  11. Oh I love the vibrant ! I can't wait to see how it will all turn out. I'm sure it will be a lovely place. Just like all your creations.

  12. It is good to get out and have some time with the girls, glad you had fun. Hang in there, red is THE most difficult colour to use on large surfaces, but you are near the end of the battle!! Looks great in the pic.

  13. mine needs redoing too so you are more than welcome
    Glad you had a good day

  14. Gosh Kath you are so brave and daring, but I do love that colour.
    We have painted a chocolate brown feature wall in our bedroom, it looks great but took 5 coats

    Hugs Carol x

  15. Ooooh me likey the redcurrant wall - do you REALLY want to move from the cute cubbyhole though!!!! LOL
    Sounds like a great day and I should know!!
    OOh what did you buy I wonder!!

    Have a great weekend - looking forward to a chat!