Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday.....oh what a day

Morning you ever get the feeling that the whole world and his wife is ganging up on you....well that was my day yesterday and believe me....I feel a little rant coming get the kettle on and park your bum somewhere comfy.
The mistake I made yesterday was deciding to do a little bit of a blog makeover...why can't I just leave well alone.....popped over to Shabby Princess.....chose some new blogwear and proceeded to checkout.
Now we are talking of the princely sum of $2.50 converted to sterling....round about £1.58. After a bit of a "suspicious activity" scare on Paypal.....decided to pay with my M&S charge card....well the blighter was rejected 3 times.....what is going on...think maybe the first time I entered the cardholder details in the end gave up and went with Paypal. Little did I know that my little typing error had alerted the security guys over at M&S....the phone rings and it is M&S....."did I try to use my card today on Shabby Princess".....yes....but it was rejected 3 times I told the nice I have to answer some security questions so she can be sure she is talking to me....the usual of birth....postcode...don't know that proves anything....Mr Identity Theft would probably have that info anyway and she has called me on my home telephone so does she think for one minute that he lives here.... and then the nitty gritty questions.....what date did I pay my last statement.....easy peasy...always pay on the 1st of the month and what was the amount......oh dear...this was a bit harder because hubby was sitting within earshot.
This is my card I use for personal shopping and that means lots of crafty tried to whisper the amount....well she didn't hear and asked me to repeat....what's wrong with you woman......are you deaf.
Once she was reassured that it was actually me that had tried to spend £1.58....she was very apologetic....but do they really think that Mr Identity Theft is going to spend such a piddly if it was £1580....then I could understand their concern but can I just say that my other credit card companies have never once queried any payment large or I am not having a go at M&S.....good on you for taking card security so seriously but the ladies tennis final is fast approaching.... I am sitting at the computer and the blogwear makeover ain't going according to plan....what I thought would be an hour turning into a nightmare......and the next time I feel like a all need to give me a big bloggy slap.
But all's well that ends well.... the tennis....wowee those Williams sisters are just the best....well done Serena and then they won the Ladies can they play 2 games back to back in this heat....must have some stamina....even more thrills in store today......Roger V Andy....that is going to be a off to get some stuff done and dusted and my bum parked firmly on the sofa ready for all the action and guess what "The Budster" is sitting here waiting for his turn on the catch up with you all later.
Hugs Kath xxxxxx


  1. Morning Kath

    Now if you were a big "cowardly custard" like me you wouldn't get into these situations. I daren't change mine!!!

    Something is bound to go wrong and I would lose the lot!

    So I just say my blog is "minimalistic"!

    Love reading your rants!!!!

    Have a great Sunday and enjoy today's tennis.

    Love Jules xx

  2. Well all the aggro was certainly worth it Kath, I love the blog makeover. Enjoy the tennis :)xx

  3. Oh Kathy you did make me chuckle - i love it when you vent your frustrations!
    I agree i do not have a clue where the williams' sisters got all that energy fro butboy were theyawesoem -i wouldsay not as awesome as usual - but still fab! Today is the one ive been waiting for its so exciting!
    love tasha xx

  4. I saw this blog header as well Kath and was thinking of changing one of mine...but it never is as easy as you think its going to be!!lol especially if you dont have the time to waste.. looks great though. I will be joining you at the sofa for the tennis.

    Jackie xx

  5. Love the new look blog Kath, well worth the trouble, I use my M&S card to pay for things like that, they always used to ring me too, but now must know me better and the supid things and sites I buy from.

    Buddy just creases me up, right chip off the old blog, eh!

    Have a good Sunday, a little cooler and more bearable today.

    Hugs Carol x

  6. Well your Blog looks fab Kath!!!!
    I have loads of trouble doing the background on I`ll leave well alone..last time I nearly lost my whole Blog!!grrrrrrrrr.....
    Hope you get your card sorted soon....
    Have a lovely Day :) x

  7. Love the fab new looking blog Kath . . I'm too scared to change mine . . . it took me long enough to set it up in the first place! Hope you had a great weekend and yep, your right, the tennis was fab.


  8. Don't know about you Kath, but I have no nails left this morning after last night's hum dinger between Andy and Roger. I was getting worried that they will have to play in the dark as a break of serve seemed impossible in that last set. But hey, the strongest man won in the end. I am so happy for Roger ... hope you are also a RF fan, even though the Budster doesn't understand this catching a ball with a racket and not the snout ... Hugs from Desire

  9. I had a similar conversation with Asda after it took them 4 hours to check the transaction. I did tell them what I expected of them..... hehehehe!!!


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