Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Me Again.......

Ok Folks.....it's your gorgeous bundle of golden deliciousness again.....boy oh boy what a day we had yesterday....my Mum's computer crashed in the morning and she sat for the whole day wrestling with Mr Microsoft and Mr Windows to get it back......and after a couple of phone calls to BT Broadband Help.....yes Mrs Not Very Helpful in Dehli....she was ready to jump under a bus.....we are up and running again......with still a few probs to sort out......the loss of all e-mail contacts and lots of software to download again....poor Mum....she needs a big BUDDY snuggle.    And I had a big decision to make and it was so hard......all the cards you made were fabby..... I loved them all.....A BIG BUDDY HUG  for making my birthday so special...thank you...thank you....thank you.....but there can only be one winner..........

Now isn't this just the cutest little pupster......
every bit as handsome as me and the paper has my name on it...how cool is that...

If you send my mum an e-mail with your address Lynda.....I will get our lovely postie to work his magic and get your parcel of goodies off to you as quick as I can chase him up the driveway......and sorry but no pic of the goodies I managed to steal....oops... borrow from my Mum's stash....Mum needs to upload the photo editing software again.......I am quite liking this blogging malarkey and who knows you may be hearing from me again.....I bet you get a bit fed up of all that crafting stuff...well toodle..oo for now.....still a bit tired after my morning stroll.......so off to catch a few zzzzzz's and snuggle up to my Mum on the sofa.
Big Bloggy Hugs...Buddy xxxxxxxx

Edited to add.....Hi folks....yes it seems I am back in bloggyland once again and fingers crossed problems are sorted out......lots of stuff needs to be reloaded onto the computer....and hopefully I will get that done over the next few days.....so apologies if I don't get over to visit you...blame Mr Microsoft...BT Broadband and probably Mr Blogger had a hand in the disaster too.....but in the meantime..a piccie of  Buddy's prize......
Big Hugs Kath xxxxxxx


  1. Huge congrats to Lynda ... your card is gorgeous and I trust that the Budster will really be spoiling you.

    Hi Kath. Trust you are well. I have tagged you over at DOING LIFE.
    Hope you will play along.
    Hugs from Desire

  2. Great to see you Blogging again Buddy!! Sorry your mummy had such a bad day, bet your hug made her feel better. Congratulations to Lynda, beautiful card.
    Have a great day Buddy.

  3. Great choice Buddy - it's a fab card!
    You have good taste in crafting goodies too - Lynda is one lucky lady!
    I hope you really enjoyed your birthday!
    Helen x

  4. Wow! Buddy thanks so much for picking my card - I really don't know what to say I'm completely stuck for words. Just ask your mum to give you a big hug and kiss from me. And can I say I am so glad the computer's been sorted as I don't know what I would do without my daily fix.
    Thanks once again :)
    Big Big Hugs

    Lynda xxx

    PS the prize looks really scrummy!!!!

  5. Oh dear Buddy, you are going to be in trouble when your Mum goes looking for one of those supplies and they are missing!!

    Glad to hear you guys are up and running in Blogland again. Tell She Who Must Be Obeyed that I said hello.


  6. Lovely card Lynda have fun with your goodies.
    bye bye Lean