Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun at the Nursery Sports

Hi Folks....had great fun yesterday at Brodie's nursery sports......when I left in the morning it was dull and overcast and a little bit misty  but ever the optimist I thought it would burn off and we would end up with another scorchio day.....well not where I was going......and what was I wearing...just a thin T Shirt...was tempted to go and get Buddy's doggy blanket out of the back of the car.....even my goose pimples had goose pimples.....everyone else had come prepared with their fleeces...big jackets and even flasks of coffee but it was the best free morning's entertainment....aren't kids just hilarious at these sort of school events.

In this race they had to run...pick up a hat...pop it on their head
and then sprint to the finish...and Brodie started off well....
definitely in with a chance.....
and then it all went pear shaped...the hat fell down over his eyes
and he couldn't see where he was going
Ah well.......everybody got a mini Milky Way and 
hey when you are coming up 5.....that's more important than winning

Oliver in the brothers and sisters race
and he was priceless...every time the runners lined up at the start...
he shouted out "Ready...Steady...Go....don't think we'll be taking him
to watch the Olympics in 2012
and No 2 Son in the Dad's Race

looks like he's struggling and to think he used to run marathons
and play hockey every weekend
Just glad that they didn't have a Grandma's race.....well off to have a mega crafty day.....but where do I start.......and I must apologise to some of my bloggy buds......don't know why but Mr Blogger has been giving me the run around.....won't let me leave comments on some of your blogs......doesn't publish my scheduled posts......takes ages to upload my pics.......just being his usual difficult self.   No point in stamping my feet and throwing my toys out of the pram....I am chilled and going with the flow....Grrrrrrr.
Well that's not exactly is mega scorchio here goodness the sweat is running down my back....have all the blinds in the house down and it is stifling......I have quite thick hair and am not due to get it cut until beginning of next week......well can I wait that long.....if this weather continues I may be taking the clippers to would I look with a No to drink a gallon of cold water and have a seat in the shade......Hugs Kath xxxxxxx
Hugs Kath xxxxxxxx


  1. Aaaah, now I was really disappointed ... reading along the post and looking at the pics, I thought, mmm can't wait to see how Granny did in her race with a gorgeous card on her head of course ... what a let down. Yes, we are hearing on the news here in South Africa that England is experiencing a serious heat wave. Hang in there, it might just change when least expect it. Hugs from Desire

  2. Oh Kath I just love your blog. I came here first because you had a blog candy and I have been visiting almost everyday since. So I thought it was time to leave a comment and just thank you for putting a big smile on my face with all your lovely posts.

    Greetings from rainy Mexico !

  3. Awww bless they look like they had a great time.. great photos Kath

    And great minds my hair is like a bloomin' bird's nest untamed so off I goes to get an appointment - NEXT bloomin' Thursday - Grrr!!!
    Pass the clippers on .....LOL


  4. Awwwwwwwwww the best Days They are all `Winners` Kath...Your boys are ``gorgeous``Yahahah.............
    Beautiful Beautiful photo`s .....`Priceless`:) xxx

  5. Hehehehe! I am so pleased at Samuels sports day they didn't have audience participation! Hehehhehehe!! I'd have settled for a mini milky way too!