Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nothing to Share

Morning folks and it's day 2 of nothing to share.....what have I been doing.....well the same old ....knee deep in Christmas.....all red and green.....snowmen and cute hedgies and of course...the christmas must have...the old Glamour Dust....covered from head to toe I am.
And what about the weather.......yesterday started off gorgeous.....sun shining and toasty warm.....and then the dark clouds gathered and by afternoon we were in the middle of a horrendous thunderstorm and stotting rain....that's Scotland for you and more of the same forecast for today and I think they may be right...because I have a splitter of a headache this morning.
And the old computer......well I am reserving judgement on that one....have changed over from Firefox to Internet Explorer and so far so good.....but I am at the stage I don't trust the blighter and just when I get into some serious catching up with my bloggy bugs....the sod decides to down tools....so may have to go shopping for another computer....although this one is barely 2 years old.
and yes the Polkadoodles challenge blog is looking for another DT member......so get your applications in tout suite to join this fun and fabulous creative team.
Well ever onward and the quicker I get this project finished....the quicker I can have a play and get a challenge or two done......and hopefully tomorrow.....there will be some pics to share instead of me just blethering..........Hugs Kath xxxxx


  1. Kath, where in Scotland do you live? The reason I am asking, as I am with Virgin for internet, and from last week Edinburgh has had a problem. I had the engineer in yesterday, and I had silch signal, the kind man sorted it for me and hopefully that is that, but there have been so many problems I have no faith. I had to do the opposite from you change from Internet 8 to Firefox, and I seem to have a quicker connection. Love your description of Xmas, I too have started making Xmas cards and my shed is covered in glitter, I come up to the house and that too is covered....LOL. Hugs Avril xx

  2. morning missus,
    well we didn't get the rain, but we heard your thunder and saw your black sky from over here. But I've woken up to fog this morning.
    anyway, have a super day

  3. Hi kath, the weather here this morning was really hot and sunny, pegged out my washing and now it has clouded other, hope we don't get your rain.

    My last computer only lasted 18months and I paid over £700, just bought a new note book a 10" paid £250, anyway here's hoping it lasts a little longer, I'm not paying daft prices again.

    Have a good day.

    Hugs Carol x

    PS I love to read your bletherings.

  4. Morning Kath, how are the crimbo cards doing?
    En xx

  5. Hi Kath,sorry I've been MIA.Hope you get your PC/bloggy problems sorted soon.I know about the bloggy ones.Love all your recent cards.Fab as usual.
    Cass xxx

  6. Hi Kath I changed from explorer to firefox but don't know which is best, think they both have there own problems! I am still left frozen on some peeps blogs! xx