Thursday, July 23, 2009

woof...woof....I got a parcel

Hi all my lovely bloggy's your favourite blogging dog here...yes "The Budster" and I am so excited...yesterday morning the door bell rang and here was the postie with parcels.."oh yeah I thought.... whatever....more stuff for the cubbyhole"..... but no....there is one for who could this be from

wow check out that fandabbidosie card and even better some lush doggy treats
well....blow me over with a kind of the lovely Stephanne
and it's come all the way from Kansas in the USA.
Stephanne I luvs you loads and am your friend for life....big doggy hugs and kisses xxxxxx
"Quit takin photos Mum....the smell is driving me mad..
let's just get to the good bit"
And there's more in the box......and these are for my Mum.....I know she is happy because she is ooohing and aaaahing.....she loves her Prima flowers and chocolate....well you've hit the jackpot there Stephanne ..she is a real liquid or in solid form....and she is calling...."say a big thank you to Stephanne from me".
But there's let you understand it's either a feast or a famine here.....either no parcels or heaps and my Mum is so excited......ripping the next one open to get at probably more of this crafty stuff.....well is it any wonder we are having to move to bigger premises.....and this one from the USA too......apparently some stuff from Hero Arts....whoever they are....
to be honest I can't see what all the fuss is about.....some clear rubbery stuff and can't understand you humans at all...excitement over food I can understand but how can anybody get so excited about some flowers and buttons...and guess what's gonna happen now....she will be rushing me round my walk this morning so she can get back home to wouldn't believe what I have to put up with....oh boy the stories I could tell....but maybe I will save them for another day...I can hear my lead jangling so best be off....see you later....oh and "She Who Must Be Obeyed"....fat chance....will be back later with a challenge card.
Big Hugs & Doggy Kisses
"The Budster"


  1. Wow, Buddy what a lucky boy you are. Sounds like Mummy got some goodies as well. Enjoy your treats. Anesha

  2. Don't you just love receiving parcels!! Food and candy are great but you must understand buttons can be fun tooo! Hugs Nilla

  3. Enjoy your treats Buddy, and tell Mum I'm really jealous of her crafty parcel. I've been eyeing up that Hero Arts stamp set for a while now.

  4. Woow woof to you Buddy, and lucky ol mum too
    xx and doggy kisses
    En xx

  5. gosh its a hard life Buddy lol
    you'll have to come over and visit sometime - my kids would give you plenty of exercise

  6. lucky boy- enjoy your treats

  7. You and your mum are so very welcome. Opted for the "lean" treats, as you look like a pooch who cares about his physique. Love when Mr. Postman brings something other than bills, eh? Now you go and be a good foot warmer while mum rips into her Hero Arts goodies.
    Take Care,

  8. Lucky `Buddy` Hmmm `enjoy..
    woof woof!!!:)xx

  9. Wow, what a fabulous package from Stephanie! Treats for you both hey! Enjoy :)

    Carol x

  10. Oooh Buddy you lucky wee pupster those munchies look yummy!!! Lovin' your handsome photos..

    Love from the Furries too


  11. kath ilove your dog
    es un bombom como para comermelo a besos
    tiaadis desde mexico


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